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All-in-One Currency Bitball to Develop E-Barter Platform, DEX

All_in_One_Currency_Bitball_to_Develop_E_Barter_Platform,_DEX Press Release

All-in-one cryptocurrency Bitball (BTB) is on its way to promote more use cases with the launching of its E-Barter platform and decentralized exchange (DEX)! On top of these, Bitball will improve its BTB Rewards and Academy, as well as its Bitball Treasure (BTRS) collection method.

Bitball aims to become a cryptocurrency that is accepted as a mode of payment in real-life scenarios. Bitball’s mission is to build an ecosystem to bridge the gap between digital currencies, exchanges, and customers. It seeks to facilitate cross-border transactions with a user-friendly interface.

Phase 4 of the project involved building an online barter system for goods and services for international participants based on cryptocurrency and fiat.

Bitball will be used as a means for users on its upcoming EBarter platform to sell or buy any products or services around the world at low cost. Bitball’s mission is to serve as a long-term investment.

Searchable on OLD.NASDAQ website, Bitball (BTB) has grown since the launch last year in July 2018. Bitball has also been mentioned as the best performing low cap cryptocurrency (2019) on trading beast investment website. Bitball (BTB) is currently listed on 35 exchanges including base/major pair exchange, media/partners, and an upcoming Bitball DEX.

Current Use Cases:

  • Cryptocurrencies (BTC, BTB, ETH, BTRS) and fiat (PayPal) based E-Barter trading platform
  • Bitball (BTB) as a base pair on different exchanges
  • Main currency of
  • Main currency of upcoming Bitball DEX
  • Various merchant acceptance
  • BitBall Academy (blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and more)
  • Many more to come

The Bitball team believes in constant development. After finishing their first roadmap successfully, the BTB team decided to do more and added more phases to the progress map with new goals.

Bitball envisions itself to be used as a cryptocurrency with No Fake Promises. All their goals are set on the basis of long-term research. Its main goal is to be a top-of-the-range, all-in-one Cryptocurrency.

Other goals include the following:

  • Reward the Bitball community
  • Connect on social media
  • Use Bitball for digital asset investment
  • List on more exchanges
  • Use Bitball for merchandise
  • Contact merchants to adopt Bitball as a payment option
  • Utilize Bitball in real use case scenarios
  • Realize new progress map (Roadmap) (Bitball DEX)
  • Launch promotional activities (lottery system, jackpots, etc.)
  • Release more media articles and press releases
  • Add more contents to BTB Academy, targeting scammer activities
  • Work on better liquidity
  • Work on more partnerships
  • Improve marketing and advertising

Upcoming Events:

1) Devs working on E-barter platform Cryptocurrency based platform for selling & buying Good/Services, like Ebay or Amazon.
2) synchronization with data aggregators.
3) More exchange listings planned.
4) Marketing & Advertisements
5) Liquidity strategies.
6) Promotional Activities like Trading competition or an Airdrop.
7) Trading incentives on our own Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.
8) UniSwap- Top Liquidity provider competition.
9) More TBA.

Social Media/More info:



E-Barter: Bitball Barter (under maintenance)

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