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Analyst Predicts DeFi Altcoins Set For Bullish Explosion

  • Sheldon Evans believes that DeFi tokens might go rocket high anytime soon.
  • The top 5 DeFi applications in the DeFi pulse have over $2 billion total value locked (TVL) each.

Sheldon Evans, a crypto enthusiast, and a youtube influencer, believes that DeFi tokens might rocket high anytime soon. In a youtube presentation that Evans created last April 10, he discussed the crypto space’s bullish potential in the days to come.

In fact, the top 5 DeFi applications in the DeFi pulse have over $2 billion total value locked (TVL) each. Truly, a market standing that catches the attention of investors worldwide.

Source: DeFi Pulse
Source: DeFi Pulse

Furthermore, the native digital assets of these top 5 DeFi applications shown above are also making noise in the crypto market. For example, the COMP cryptocurrency, a native token of the Compound protocol has over 24.9% growth rate in the past 24 days.

In addition, the MKR crypto, a governance token of the Maker DeFi protocol, has almost 700% increased rate in the past year. These cryptocurrencies are just some of the active DeFi tokens that are greatly performing in the crypto market.

Meanwhile, as the DeFi tokens continue to make noise in the crypto market, Bitcoin remains as the king of cryptocurrency. As a result, Bitcoin remains to be one of the most favorite digital assets in the crypto space. Today, Bitcoin trades to almost $60k per coin with a whopping market capitalization of over $1 trillion.

Moreover, aside from the DeFi protocol and cryptocurrency, people around the world are now getting crazy over non-fungible tokens (NFT). With all these ongoing achievements in the crypto world, truly the year 2021 is the year of cryptocurrencies.

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