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Ant McPartlin Bitcoin-His Investment in Bitcoin Trading Systems


Ant McPartlin is a TV personality who works alongside Declan Donnelly. They stepped into the spotlight in the early 90s after starring in Byker Grove. From there, they both built strong television careers. This includes TV presenters and comedians, they became famous and formed the duo Ant & Dec. Ant McPartlin also dabbled in the rap and music scene.

Recently, there were rumors that Ant McPartlin has invested in crypto, like many other celebrities. Some people say that he invested in auto-trading crypto software to build his fortune, notably Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, and Bitcoin Loophole. Are these rumors true? Has Ant McPartlin invested in Bitcoin? How did Ant McPartlin bitcoin become such a well known rumor?

This article will also explore automated Bitcoin trading systems linked to Ant McPartlin.

Ant McPartlin Bitcoin, Is it True?

Through his discussion with the media and public info, it appears that Ant McPartlin hasn’t confirmed any crypto rumours. This means that his Bitcoin investment rumors are most likely false. The stories have spread from the media due to fake news or distorted info. Gossip blogs tend to gain social media traction from incorrect viral data or celebrity news. This most likely explains the rumors regarding Ant McPartlin’s Bitcoin investment.

Rumors hint that Ant McPartlin made some of his money through bitcoin trading robots. However, the story is not valid and is misleading. Some of these automated bitcoin systems seem legit. Sadly, many affiliates use celebrities’ names, such as Ant Mcpartlin bitcoin, for clickbait and to make revenue. The news said that he hasn’t invested in any bitcoin automated trading system to date.

Why Do People Think Ant McPartlin Bitcoin Invested In Bitcoin Trading?

The belief may have sprung from search phrases or marketing tactics. Just like “Bitcoin trading” or “Bitcoin investment” is such a widely searched term, “Ant McPartlin news,” is as well. Or, the rumour started from gossip and celebrity news sites. People try to take advantage of the website clicks using these phrases to direct traffic to their sites.

Moreover, news sites are looking for more views on articles. Affiliate marketers also try to take advantage of fame. And McPartlin bitcoin is the name they used to lure users into trading with automated trading systems. They thus create traffic by advertising viral rumors. However, this is a result of fake news. Besides, you should know that the crypto industry requires research before taking any action.

What Is Automated Bitcoin Trading?

Automated Bitcoin trading is enabled by bitcoin robots, a software program created on advanced algorithms. It makes Bitcoin trading more innovative and effective. Bitcoin robots have pro features that help people trade easily, with focus on selling and buying. These robots can use automated tactics thanks to coding.

Automated Bitcoin trading systems are platforms that use bots. These bots make automatic trades on behalf of users. Historical trends and data drive these trades—also, algorithmic ways to gain insight into the possible flow of Bitcoin in the short-term future.

Using market data to trade for users means that trades pass quickly before a user misses a profitable trade. Bitcoin trading robots allegedly greatly boost profit margins for users they trade for. They take advantage of Bitcoin volatility and crypto market shifts. As such, the systems can make quick buy-ins and sell-offs.

Through Natural Language Processing, a part of AI, bitcoin robots can read human language. Therefore, they can trade based on news with an assumed good accuracy level. But it doesn’t mean that the bots are risk-free. A small error can lead to huge losses. Hence traders should always take care.

Bitcoin robot trading techniques include short-selling. This means an approach that lets users speculate on falling prices. Also, it means that users still make profits even when the markets are falling. The rumors claimed that Ant McPartlin bitcoin used many bitcoin trading systems. It includes Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, and Bitcoin Code, and more.

Which Bitcoin Systems Has Ant McPartlin Bitcoin Been Linked to?

Some bitcoin robots claim to have the potential to make good returns if used well.

Bitcoin Trader

Rumors hint that Ant Mcpartlin invested in a bitcoin robot system called Bitcoin Trader. However, the rumor is false.

On the other hand, many consider Bitcoin Trader a smart robot. The platform counts thousands of users worldwide. They use it daily to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Trader is a crypto trading software that aims to help new investors. The trading software works with intelligent technology backed by AI. It uses market data and trends for successful trades.

Bitcoin Trader is an auto-trading software. It claims to enable traders to take advantage of the influential crypto markets. Moreover, it claims to allow profit from automated trading. The robot declares to have a win rate of above 90%. Besides, it claims to give traders an easy and quick way to enter the crypto market.

Crypto is volatile, so there are risks associated with trading these assets. This is why Bitcoin Trader offers demo accounts and urges people to start with small amounts. It helps users familiarize themselves with both the platform and the markets.

Bitcoin Revolution

As mentioned above, there are rumors that Ant Mcpartlin invested part of his fortune in Bitcoin Revolution. However, these rumors seem to be false.

A team of dedicated trading experts created the Bitcoin Revolution. They claim that the bot can identify short-term trading chances in the crypto market.

Bitcoin Revolution asks for a minimum deposit of $250 or more. Further, the automated trading software will work on its own. This robot is said to earn profits of up to 20% per day. The robot is currently a hot topic in the UK and Asia. Many people allege  they made money through it. Bitcoin Revolution claims to have over 300k users in the UK alone.

Also, the Bitcoin Revolution uses AI and machine learning. These two techs are prevalent in high-frequency trading. A robot that depends on AI and ML tech can conduct both basic and technical analysis. Moreover, Bitcoin Revolution bot claims to have a 90% win rate.

Bitcoin Compass

This is another robot wrongly linked with Ant McPartlin bitcoin. He didn’t invest in this robot. Bitcoin Compass takes on bitcoin trends. It uses the derived insights to help make money for its users. Besides, the bot claims to make up to $100 per day from a $250 account.

Bitcoin Future

Bitcoin Future is one of the more well-known bitcoin robots. The robot is popular with crypto holders and people looking for a passive online income. Besides, it is entirely automatic. Therefore, anyone, including those with no knowledge of crypto trading, can use it.

Also, Bitcoin Future is said to make a daily profit of up to 20%. Users with a deposit of $250 supposedly make up to $150 in earnings daily.

Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code is another bitcoin system that is linked to Ant McPartlin. However, said that the platform is a scam operation whose website is continually changing. also added that, like many scams, the website predicts market trends and automates trading for users. also noted that the bot guarantees gains such as “$13,000 in exactly 24 hours” which is ridiculous.

Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is an automated trading software with an alleged win rate of 60%. The robot’s algorithm enables traders 24/7 monitoring and trading in the crypto market with a click of a button. The bot claims it can analyze thousands of trading charts. Also, it claims to have a guaranteed safe trading algorithm.

You need a minimum of 250 USD to trade with the Bitcoin Loophole. The more you deposit, the higher the potential, but there is also a higher risk. So, invest with what you can afford to lose.


Ant McPartlin bitcoin rumors are not valid. People are looking for clicks or a way to scam others—specifically, the newbies. Even though Ant McPartlin bitcoin rumors aren’t true, some of these robots seem legit. They have thousands of users who use them daily for automated trading. Many users claim that these robots make returns. However, you must consider that investments involve some risks. Therefore, you should only trade with legit bots.


Roland Guirdonan can be found writing, developing, and designing all sorts of content. Aside from his fascination with content creation, he is also passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency developments.