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Apple Founder Steve Wozniak Launches Blockchain Company

  • Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak has launched a blockchain-based energy-saving trading platform called EFFORCE.
  • EFFORCE will help bring together customers and clients who want to improve the building and industrial energy efficiency.
  • EFFORCE will give support to other awaiting energy-saving projects through a token sale.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak has announced the launch of Efforce. This blockchain-based energy-saving trading platform plans to bring together clients and customers, aiming to improve the building and industrial energy efficiency.

Effforce community members will now get access to well-timed energy-saving trading activities with infinitesimal chargebacks.

Following this, the introduction of EFFORCE into the blockchain space’s energy efficiency market will help bring customized financial services economically.  Moreover, the platform will also make the complex energy-financial system simple and accessible.

More importantly, EFFORCE gives way to any economic entity personnel having the desire to implement solutions on its energy system to negotiate their energy savings to both consumers and contributors partly.

EFFORCE’s energy-saving mechanism will help extend capital investment access to the mainstream with guaranteed liquidity through a saved tokenized energy. Also, it will enable the tokenization of energy savings to energize the firm’s finance.

According to its whitepaper, EFFORCE presents its energy services to companies that want to increase their ever-growing energy efficiency. Led by Steve Jobs’ partner when they started Apple, Wozniak’s EFFORCE will raise funds to support today’s and upcoming energy-saving projects via a WOZX token sale.

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