BTC $42412.12 (-4.7%)
ETH $2902.07 (-6.6%)
USDT $1.00 (0.05%)
BCH $514.78 (-5.6%)
BSV $134.79 (-7.5%)
LTC $152.89 (-5.8%)
BNB $354.24 (-6.3%)
ADA $2.30 (0.20%)
DOGE $0.20 (-6.4%)
BTC $42412.12 (-4.7%)
ETH $2902.07 (-6.6%)
USDT $1.00 (0.05%)
BCH $514.78 (-5.6%)
BSV $134.79 (-7.5%)
LTC $152.89 (-5.8%)
BNB $354.24 (-6.3%)
ADA $2.30 (0.20%)
DOGE $0.20 (-6.4%)

Bitcoin Gold Mining: How to Mine Bitcoin Gold

How to Mine Bitcoin Gold Coin - Bitcoin Gold Mining Pools

This article will help you get knowledge and a deeper understanding of Bitcoin Gold Coin (BTG) and become a pro-Bitcoin Gold miner today. Follow our Bitcoin Gold mining guides to master everything concerning Bitcoin Gold mining pools for free at all times. Prepare yourself with us and boost your knowledge.

Involving yourself in cryptocurrency mining can be a somewhat hefty thing to do. Especially since you need to buy a lot of hardware. Also, you have to devote your time to learning.

Moreover, you need to also consider vital factors to make sure that you get returns from your hard-earned money invested. The CoinQuora team is here to guide and make it easy for you to be able to mine Bitcoin Gold Coin via our Bitcoin Gold mining pools newsletter.

What is more, the developers behind Bitcoin Gold aim to make it so easy and cheesy so that everyone can mine Bitcoin Gold. With us, we dissect every crypto mining topic to serve you better. Now, without more delay, let’s get to know all the pros and cons of Bitcoin Gold. 

What is Bitcoin Gold?

As the name suggests, here’s the short answer to “what is Bitcoin Gold”. It is a hard fork of the flagship currency Bitcoin (BTC). For this reason, Bitcoin Gold has an identical appearance in its operation similar to BTC. It started on October 24, 2017. It is represented by the symbol BTG.

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold holds a similar transfer function. In addition, It has an identical transfer processing speed to Bitcoin. This makes BTG close crypto to its forefather Bitcoin. Anyhow, you can use Bitcoin Gold in the same way. The Bitcoin Gold Coin was created on the Equihash and uses the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism.

Specifically, the purpose of BTG is to improve Bitcoin’s decentralization. Among the existing Bitcoin forks, Bitcoin Gold is the most discussed topic. Furthermore, Bitcoin Gold was designed with the intention to restore GPU mining practices instead of ASICs that Bitcoin uses.

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction

There is a bullish Bitcoin Gold Coin price future prediction 2021. In the context of this Bitcoin Gold mining pools article, BTG’s price ranges from $100 to $200 specifically, before 2021 ends.

At press time, Bitcoin Gold’s price is $59.76 with a market capitalization of $1,055,385,137, according to CoinGecko data. Looking at its currency price status, there is a high possibility that BTG price would hit the assumed $75 to $100 ATH.

More so, we believe that the ongoing crypto bull season can also influence BTG price to surge overwhelmingly well. Aside from this, day-to-day institutional investors’ buy and sell activities can also have a great positive impact on Bitcoin Gold price alongside. All in 2021.

To know more about how Bitcoin Gold price will perform even in the future, keep calm and continue reading this Bitcoin Gold mining pools article. Without further ado, join me to simply answer the most frequent question “how to mine Bitcoin Gold Coin” asked every day.

How to Mine Bitcoin Gold

Never think complex about how you can mine Bitcoin Gold. Our Bitcoin Gold mining pools tutorial got you covered. In fact, you can mine or trade Bitcoin Gold Coin every day. The decision is yours. Whether you will mine or trade, we don’t decide for you.

Other than this, traders can trade BTG on many reputable exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, BitFinex, and more others.

However, be careful to do your due diligence research well before investing in any crypto asset. Also, never invest money that you cannot afford to lose both in mining or trading. On the other hand, to mine Bitcoin Gold, ensure that you have a computer, mining pools, and the availability of the internet.

Of note, download a well-protected hardware wallet to secure your earnings during mining. Miners receive BTG as a reward anytime they verify a transactional block.

How to Mine Bitcoin Gold With a Computer

As we have already explained, miners can embark to mine Bitcoin Gold from home with a computer. Even more, you can use Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Central Processing Unit (CPU), and Bitcoin Gold Mining Pools to mine BTG. We will talk more about Bitcoin Mining Pools a bit later.

Have you ever wondered about mining Bitcoin Gold with Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)? It is impossible to mine BTG with ASIC machines. This is because Bitcoin Gold is forked from Bitcoin. ASICs are designed to mine a specific type of coin.

Other than this, you can effectively mine and redeem a BTG reward successfully by mining with a specialized GPU rig. It is also possible to mine Bitcoin with your computer processor. Still, this method is less effective.

However, the GPU software (Video Card) connects the PC to the blockchain to mainly solve hash functions. Doing this helps you to earn BTG. At this time, your computer will make a jetplane sound. Don’t be scared anyway. Note:, and are good mining software for Bitcoin Gold.   

Bitcoin Gold Mining Pools

The crypto world never stops creating innovations to profit from the digital asset market. Upon mining Bitcoin Gold, miners can choose to use varieties of software and hardware equipment to do so. On the other hand, you can mine to redeem BTG successfully by using the right Bitcoin Gold mining pools. Consider reading about a few Bitcoin Gold mining pools below.


We cannot discuss Bitcoin Gold mining pools without mentioning the Suprnova mining pool. Suprnova is one of the most well-known mining pools. It specifically supports various kinds of mineable coins. These include DASH, MONA, ZEC, and more others. 

In particular, Suprnova charges a fee of 1%. More so, it uses a PPLNS reward scheme to operate. Nonetheless, regardless of where you are, you can mine to get BTG tokens using Suprnova mining pools at all times.

Important note: make sure to specify your username and add a worker in the Suprnova dashboard when mining.  


Next is 2Miners. 2Miners is an officially recognized mining pool. It calls itself the most profitable and efficient GPU and ASIC mining pool. In terms of payment, 2Miners gives payout regularly. The pool has a reliable server and rig monitoring bot.

Moreover, 2Miners pools is a great mining tool mainly for beginners. Like the Suprnova pool, 2Miners also uses the same PPLNS reward system for its payment. To be specific. 2Miners provides intuitive support to more than 18 different cryptos. It has its servers all over the world.

BTGPool Pro

As the name suggests, the BTG pool is mainly designed to mine a specific coin: Bitcoin Gold Coin. It charges only a 1% fee when operating. The proposed pool has a high processing speed. BTGPool Pro also has servers all over the world. It gives a minimum return of 0.01 BTG.

To accelerate the BTG Pool Pro network decentralization, both old school and crypto amateurs can consistently focus on using the BTG Pool Pro other than the previous Bitcoin Gold mining pools. is another BTG-based user-friendly mining pool. It claims to have 100% accessibility and charges not more than 0% fees. The pool operates every day at all times with a 24/7 support team.

Mining pools share common features and similarities. Same as BTGPool Pro, also gives a minimum payout of 0.01 BTG. The platform is structured in such a way that even crypto nerds can easily use it.


Let your computer easily mine for cash any day. Hey, crypto fan! Utilize this moment to also know briefly about Minergate as one of the Bitcoin Gold mining pools. It is possible to mine Bitcoin Gold Coin with Minergate at any time. See below steps to mine BTG effectively by using Minergate.

  • First, install Minergate. 
  • Create your Minergate account.
  • Then start mining.


By reading our Bitcoin Gold Mining tutorial, the CoinQuora team believes that you are now well equipped to begin mining Bitcoin Gold yourself. Anyway, if you still have doubts, never hesitate to read our Bitcoin Gold mining article for a deeper understanding.


Is Bitcoin Gold Coin Mineable?

The short answer is yes. Worry less! Anyone can mine Bitcoin Gold successfully regardless of your location. Bitcoin Gold mainly uses Equihash-BTG known as Equihash (144,5). To embark on BTG mining, make sure to get your graphics cards available and ready for mining.

How Long Will It Take to Mine 1 Bitcoin Gold?

Never think complex. As such, to mine 1 Bitcoin Gold successfully, you will not even take a day to complete. Briefly, 1,180.00 H/s BTG mining hashrate will specifically consume 600.00 watts of power at $0.10 per kWh with a 12.5 BTG block reward. Despite the Bitcoin hashrate capacity, you can still mine 1 BTG in less than a day.

Does Bitcoin Gold Have a Future?

Yes, the Bitcoin Gold Coin has a brighter future. To maintain its mainstream popularity for the long term, Bitcoin Gold has set out to do intuitive research about smart contracts and blockchain tech. Also, BTG will create a more promising path to mainly develop a more decentralized fiat-crypto-based brokerage network.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of CoinQuora. No information in this article should be interpreted as investment advice. CoinQuora encourages all users to do their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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