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BitKub to Shut Down, Renovate; Users Leave En Masse

  • Thailand crypto exchange BitKub has shut down its platform and close its services following the country’s SEC’s order.
  • According to the Thai SEC, BitKub must do proper server and platform maintenance for its crypto-based services.
  • BitKub’s closure angered its customers.

Thailand-based cryptocurrency exchange BitKub has closed its services. This is due to an order from the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for BitKub to make a proper renovation to maintain its servers and platforms.

Following the SEC order, BitKub plans to fix its servers and platform features to provide quality system output. At the time of writing, BitKub’s server has been closed for almost 36 hours. As a result, many users of the exchange were upset.

Meanwhile, the country’s SEC’s decision to temporarily shut down BitKub’s operations surprised many of its customers. Also, the customers are saying that the BitKub management never gave a proper announcement regarding the system shutdown.

Consequently, many customers have lost interest in the platform and plan to discontinue supporting the exchange.

In fact, the customers have made up their minds to search for a new crypto trading platform. Moreover, the customers are angry for the reason that they have lost their investments.

Moving forward, BitKub CEO Jirayut Srupsrisopa thanked their customers for understanding the exchange’s situation. Furthermore, he again motivated and urged that the company is actively working hard for betterment soon.

As to the date of the reopening of BitKub’s doors, the exchange has yet to make an announcement.

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