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Bitstamp Expands to US Amid Over 500% Customer Surge

  • Bitstamp officially announced its interest in expanding its reach in the US.
  • The number of interested users in the Bitstamp exchange has increased to over 570%.

Bitstamp, one of the longest-running crypto exchanges in the world, has officially announced its interest in expanding its reach in the US.

Interestingly, the exchange aims to enlighten and educate US investors about the potential of cryptocurrency through its marketing campaign. In fact, Bitstamp CEO Julian Sawyer stated,

Crypto is the fastest growing segment of financial services, and we intend to be a leader in the most competitive financial market in the world: the US,

Sawyer added that he believes that the US has a huge potential when it comes to cryptocurrencies. “The potential upside for new retail and institutional investors in the US is astronomical,” he said.

Furthermore, Bitstamp is also aware of the recent challenges that other crypto exchanges are facing. For this reason, Bitstamp aims to pump its customer service team by 50% this year. In this way, the exchange can assure that it can serve and provide services to all its users seamlessly. 

Aside from that, Bitstamp offers transparent and competitive fees to all its users. As a result, all its users can maximize their funds when transacting at the exchange. In addition, the exchange enables its users to experience a high level of asset security. Indeed, the features that the exchange offers provide a competitive edge to all its users.

In the past few months, the number of interested users on the exchange has increased by over 570%. In other words, we can say that the people in the U.S are interested in the potential of cryptocurrency, especially in this time of economic decline.

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