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Blockchain-Based Smart Router Projects Redefining Decentralized Data Sharing, Collection and Monetization

What are some up-and-coming blockchain-based routing, decentralization, and data monetization projects on the horizon? We’ve compiled a list for you here. Each project below focuses on a specific issue or a set of issues in the blockchain and/or decentralized applications spaces. They bring together dynamic software/virtualization with an innovative hardware solution to create a unique set of features unlike any other available on the market.


Althea is attempting to create a fast, affordable, locally run internet that empowers communities to build multi-stakeholder networks faster and more affordably than legacy telecom models. It can be deployed in urban and rural settings and works in three steps. A subscriber loads his or her device or router with digital currency to pay for internet access. Then, transmitters forward packets, earning money for providing this service. Finally, gateways connect the network to the internet, competing with other gateways in the area.


The Subutai Blockchain Router is a green broadband Cloud router that uses blockchain technology to provide plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallets and mining services to users at home. It provides 10-20x more energy efficiency for the same hash rate of traditional GPU-based mining devices and comes with a broadband router, a cryptocurrency wallet, and an all-in-one cryptocurrency mining device.

The project claims to deliver revenue-generating income streams via plug-and-mine cryptocurrency services, a defense-grade hardware-secured wallet, on-the-go mobile access, customization, interoperability with other Subutai products, and high-speed storage that can be used as the network-attached storage device (NAS) or a high-speed digital recorder.


Helium is building the world’s first decentralized lo-fi network that uses blockchain to connect IoT devices and microchips to the Internet. The company has built a blockchain-based wireless internet infrastructure that uses radio technology to reduce the power needed to provide connectivity and “smart” capabilities to machines and devices.


Blockchain Router was designed to encrypt and protect your connection at the router level and provide you with access to blockchain-based websites and the ability to browse distributed resources. It is a gateway to your privacy and the decentralized internet of the future and helps even non-technical individuals remain anonymous and protected online.


HYPR uses smart, decentralized networks to secure connected IoT devices such as ATMs, cars, locks, and more. By storing biometric logins on the blockchain and securing and decentralizing important information, HYPR provides advanced security and rich use cases that include facial, eye, voice, and palm recognition for IoT devices.


Cirus is one of the newest and most novel hardware-based solutions that emerged in the market in Q2 2021. The project aims to empower users to participate directly in the monetization of the data they generate – without having to change their behavior. Cirus enables users to unlock true ownership and control of their data. As a user, you hold the keys and you decide how much or how little of your data you want to  monetize..

Cirus promises to bring about transformative change on a global level and empower users to securely own, control, and monetize their personal data with a simple solution built on three pillars:

  • The Cirus Device: The gateway for users to connect to and interact with the digital economy.
  • The Cirus Core Platform: A robust blockchain-enabled software backbone that grants users ownership, control, and the ability to monetize their data.
  • The Cirus Confluence Network: The Cirus consensus, rewards, and authentication engine.

All it takes is a Cirus router to regain control of your data, and this plug-and-play solution can transform the way businesses and individuals look at – and monetize – the world’s largest digital asset: data.


Data is fast proving to be the newest source of untapped competitive advantage for businesses, projects, and industries of every type. Success or failure in generating revenue and extracting actionable intelligence and other tangible benefits from this data will be determined by your ability to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively on-board users and help them share the revenue and benefits that they have for too long been deprived of by large, centralized business conglomerates.

Cirus is revolutionizing the data sharing and monetization space with a smart, simple, blockchain-powered solution that seamlessly integrates with the user’s existing setup with no prior technical or blockchain knowledge required. To learn more, visit

Collins Adane

Collins Adane is a writer who follows the crypto industry closely. He loves fish stew and Real Madrid. He believes in cryptocurrency’s potential to transform the money landscape in his native country Ghana.

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