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ETH $2435.17 (-3.4%)
USDT $1.00 (0.02%)
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BSV $89.83 (-1.7%)
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BTC $35143.89 (-2.4%)
ETH $2435.17 (-3.4%)
USDT $1.00 (0.02%)
BCH $293.13 (-3.8%)
BSV $89.83 (-1.7%)
LTC $107.35 (-3.1%)
BNB $371.87 (-0.7%)
ADA $1.08 (-0.4%)
DOGE $0.13 (-2.5%)

Blockchain Gaming Projects to Watch Out for in 2021

Blockchain Gaming Projects to Watch out for in 2021 Learn

Blockchain technology is slowly seeping into every sector imaginable. Suffice to say, the presence of a blockchain has revolutionized most industries. From decentralizing finance to monitoring supply chains, the technology is proving an excellent alternative. One of the sectors that blockchain is enhancing is the gaming industry.

Blockchain gaming has become more and more popular over the last few years. So much so that companies are investing millions of dollars in new blockchain gaming platforms. 2021 will see a lot of these blockchain-based games come to life. Most of these new games will use new and interesting technologies made available thanks to the blockchain.

Before we explore the most anticipated crypto-based games for the year, let’s first understand the impact of blockchain gaming in the gaming industry. What does it offer? Why has there been a rise in blockchain-based games? How do they plan to use cryptocurrency on the platform? There is much to be answered.   

Blockchain Gaming: The Revolution

Blockchain games are decentralized games. Here, the game does not exist on a single server. Instead, the ‘players’ own the game over multiple shared servers. Like with most other decentralized blockchains, there are certain validators on the system who process transactions on the blockchain. These transactions are stored on a distributed ledger.

Similarly, blockchain gaming is when a game exists on a blockchain. Here, players on the network will validate transactions. Much like how Bitcoin miners mint BTC tokens and store transactions on a ledger or like Ethereum validators processing transactions by staking ETH. Except, in a blockchain-based game, there is more than just monetary transactions that are being recorded.

How exactly will games utilize blockchain technology? That depends on what the game plans to offer its players. Since blockchain gaming is a fairly new concept, there is still much to be explored. Currently, most blockchain-based games include fun additions like earning actual cryptocurrencies, owning in-game assets such as crypto-collectibles and other Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Inserting blockchain into gaming works very well. It provides a viable solution to a lot of problems faced by most gamers. Most importantly asset ownership and security. The blockchain offers greater security. Hence, it will be harder for hackers to steal a player’s precious assets. The presence of the blockchain allows games and all their functions and features to become more versatile.

The Potential: Power to the Players

The gaming sector is burning up, it is one of the ‘hottest’ sectors in the market. There are currently over 2.7 billion gamers all over the world and counting. That’s 1/3rd of the entire world population. How wild in that? Gaming is a ‘hot bed’ for players, investors, game developers, and more. It’s a multi-million dollar industry, and adding blockchain to the mix can only make it better.

If you’ve ever played any game, you know how much work goes into it. Of course for the game developers who create the art and story, but also for the gamers. Every player invests countless hours into their game, unlocking unique assets, earning in-game currency, buying rare items, and more.

Sadly, these assets are not fully owned by the players themselves. They may have spent actual fiat money to buy these items but it does not leave the game. Meaning, if a player exits the game all their hard-earned game assets remain on the game, which ultimately, belongs to the game developers. Not to mention old items after purchase usually ends up collecting digital dust in the players’ inventory. These items are neglected once greater items are earned or purchased.   

This is one of the biggest issues that can be fixed with the presence of blockchain technology. The shift of gaming onto the blockchain means gamers can now enjoy a more secure and manageable gaming experience. They can now truly own everything they worked so hard to earn in any game. Blockchain gaming also offers players the opportunity to have a say in the direction of a game. They can help make decisions for the game with other validators by joining in on the blockchain game’s proof of consensus algorithm.  

CryptoKitties: How it all Started

CryptoKitties is arguably the first blockchain game. It was released in November 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain. The game was all about buying, selling, and breeding kitties. Players used ETH to buy and sell these crypto cats. This game was both, based on a blockchain and used cryptocurrency for monetary transactions. Essentially, it paved the way for blockchain gaming.

However, there wasn’t a lot of gaming going on in CryptoKitties. Although the one cool feature it brought was player ownership. Players on the game could buy a crypto kitty with ETH. Once paid, players now solely own a crypto kitty. Each kitty was unique and had a special trait. These unique traits would increase the value of certain crypto kitties as its trait became rarer over time.

This is where the small gaming aspect comes in. Crypto cat owners can either sell the cats they own or, they can choose to breed more cats from the ones they already own. When bred, the newly minted crypto kitty will have a unique combination of its parents. Breeding ensures new kitties will come with more rare traits, thus, making them more valuable. Some cats were sold for $100,000 and even $300,000.

Therefore, CryptoKitties introduced the possibilities blockchain gaming could bring to the table. They introduced Crypto Collectibles in the form of their Crypto Kitties. CryptoKitties became so popular that it pretty much stole all the traffic on the Ethereum blockchain. That was the first sign that Ethereum needed to focus on scalability. However, for the gaming industry, the success of CryptoKitties opened a whole new portal of possibilities.     

NFTs: Unique Crypto Collectibles

One impressive feature that comes with blockchain gaming is the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). These assets have unique attributes. NFTs are common tokens in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Crypto keys were arguably the first digital non-fungible asset.

NFTs in particular are digital and intangible tokens that refer to a digital certificate stored on a secure distributed database — a blockchain. The blockchain in turn provides public verification for ownership of the NFTs. It also acts as an authority for verifying intellectual property.

Crypto collectibles are a type of NFT. For instance, each Crypto Kitty in CryptoKitties is a Crypto collectible. These collectibles use the blockchain to guarantee their owners three particular features. One, that the asset is owned by the player and not the game developers. Two, the asset’s rarity, and third, the asset is one-of-a-kind and cannot be copied.

NFTs are one of the biggest reasons that gamers are eager to see advancements in blockchain gaming. Simply because the possibilities of NFTs in gaming are boundless. NFTs in blockchain gaming could include ownership of in-game assets like weapons, special or rare items, creatures, virtual pets, skins, virtual land, digital art, in-game currency, and so much more. 

These can be assets either bought or earned, they could each level up uniquely with respect to the player it is currently owned by. Items could level up differently based on the games it partakes in and the choices made by the player and their gaming style. These items can later be traded or sold and they cannot be copied without the owner’s permission.

What’s more exciting is that when players own all their assets they can even sell their NFTs on a different third-party platform. They could sell it for fiat money, cryptocurrency, in-game tokens, or simply trade it for other unique and interesting game items. Perhaps even trade items from different games to get a head start in a new one.

Furthermore, the blockchain offers more security which means there is less chance of hackers stealing players’ assets. Truly, blockchain gaming has much to offer. Some blockchain games are evening allowing players to earn crypto tokens while gaming on the network. Players can earn actual value, not just the in-game kind.

Native Tokens: A Gamers’ Keep

Most blockchain gaming platforms come with the option of earning native tokens. Games before the blockchain had in-game money as well. However, these assets could only be used to buy within that particular game alone. In blockchain games, players can earn crypto tokens. These tokens can be transferred onto other platforms. Here, players can trade their crypto for other digital assets

However, blockchain gaming also gives the players an option to earn more from their initially earned native tokens. This is where yield farming comes in, players can put in their tokens in yield farming programming on the gaming platform itself. This allows players to make the best use of their assets and increase their earnings.

It’s about time gamers started making a living out of gaming. It only seems fair after dedicating their time and lives to a single game. More players can now earn a living from partaking in their favorite activity — online gaming. This, in turn, will contribute to the fast-growing global industry that is crypto trading.

Blockchain Gaming Industry: The Impact of Blockchain Gaming

All these impressive improvements in the industry are all thanks to the blockchain. The coolest asset of all has to be true ownership. Players have full access to the items they earn and buy. They can now do whatever they want with it like selling or trading. But why just stop there, blockchain gaming gives us a chance to go further. By using a shared ledger on every item within the game, gamers can truly create history within these games.

For instance, the blockchain can hold a shared ledger that can track every event fulfilled and every accomplished by players. This in turn gives more flavor to items that pass on to other players, or even special abilities. Most interestingly, this enables an expansion in the lore of the game itself.

Let’s say a new player has just joined a game. This player starts with a basic sword, shield, and robes. The player then defeats multiple foes, including a boss, the blockchain will now store this information as — Player name defeats said foe with this weapon, shield, and robes. Now, the player goes on to level up and trades or sells these items. The player who buys the item, adds on to the items list of accomplishments before they too will trade or sell it. This will go on and on so no item will ever go idle. 

Two things can happen next, the items passed receive special traits as their previous users level up, this makes the items valuable and unique and can be traded for other high-level items. On the other hand, every item holds a long ledger of accomplishments, making it a part of the games lore and history. This would be a very valuable asset for collectors.

This ledger can also record all the wins and loses in any game and tournament which will also promote fair gameplay. Truly the possibilities from the gaming industry with blockchain gaming are boundless and we still have much to explore. For now, some blockchain-based games are just starting to scratch the surface. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting blockchain gaming platforms that are coming up this year.

Most Anticipated Blockchain Gaming Projects in 2021

With the boom in blockchain gaming, a lot of corporates have invested in launching new blockchain-based games. Some are even coming with their native cryptocurrencies. But which blockchain games should we invest in? Let’s have a look at some of the most anticipated blockchain gaming ventures of 2021. 

22 Racing Series

22 Racing series is a blockchain-based game that allows players to build and design their race cars from scratch. The player will be the sole owner of the racecar they create. These cars will compete with one another in tournaments or special event races where winners can win crypto tokens. Players will build and race to earn cryptocurrency. Furthermore, race cars can also be traded on the platform. Players can trade crypto for the assets or trade between assets directly. These built race cars hold value and act as NFTs on the game’s blockchain.  

This racing game uses real physics and runs at speeds up to 1000kmph. It allows players to drive in all directions and incorporates Virtual Reality to create wicked special effects on the game. 22 Racing Series offers mad speed both in-game racing and on transactions on the blockchain. It will come out sometime this year.


Remember the old Tamagotchi virtual pets almost every owned back in the late 1990s and early 2000s? Well, they’re making a comeback now, but this time a little different and on a blockchain. Players can own their Aavegotchi and can feed and pet these creatures to level up. These Aavegotchi’s work as NFTs on its blockchain. They hold value and can be traded for tokens or swapped for other Aavegotchis.

Higher ranked Aavegotchis are more valuable. The game will use interesting mechanics on its systems such as DeFi token collateral stakes, dynamic rarity, rarity farming, DAO governed game mechanics, and much more. The game is home to an open world metaverse governed by smart contracts and votes determined by gamers on the blockchain. Set to launch in the very near future, players can soon meet their NFT backed digital assets that are — Aavegotchis.

Axie Infinity

Making its debut this year is another game where players can own adorable creatures as pets and build them up to battle other pets. That’s right on Axie Infinity players can earn money by having their pets be the last one standing in the arena. Besides this players can do so much more. For instance, players can walk their pets through the country Lunacia. Here, they can own land by buying plots, mine for resources, set up shops and buildings, explore dungeons, and create roads.

Thanks to the blockchain, everything on the game is monetized. Thus, all assets are subject to trade. Everything holds value and hence boosts a player’s status and a chance to level up on the game. Not to mention, all this ultimately goes into upgrading pets to earn money in the arena. The land gameplay mode will be released soon. However, the full launch of this collectible game will be around the end of this year.

Ember Sword

For those big MMORPG fans, Ember Sword is a great option. It is a cross-platform, free-to-play, fantasy game. Players will create a character, choose a homeland, and can set off into the wild to accomplish whatever goal they see fit. Discover mysterious lands and find rare objects to craft fine weapons and armor or travel afar to challenge other players or battle monsters and bosses to prove your combat abilities.

Whether you choose to play as a peaceful forage, a clever inventor, a visionary artisan, or a dashing hero, all adventurers will own every single resource they find and create. These assets are all monetized on the blockchain and can be sold or traded as time goes by. The soft beta launch was launched this year. You can get on and explore its massive potential and perhaps get a leg up on the platform before its full release next year.

Hash Rush 

Hash Rush is another blockchain-run game. It is a sci-fi and fantasy game where players will explore the planet to accomplish many objectives. Some include gathering resources, training units, and conquering their enemies. This also makes it a real-time strategy game. Players will also seek out cryptoveins and valuable crystals. All resources are player-owned and can be sold or traded with other players.

Besides that, players can also earn in-game currency and climb up the leaderboards to earn crypto rewards. Most interestingly, they can also unlock skins, which act as NFTs and hold more value. Presently the game finished its beta launch and is currently opening its early access doors. Players can begin exploring the world and earn crypto by getting on the leaderboard. The launch of the full version of the game is yet to be determined. 


Announced at the start of this year, blockchain-based game Illuvium, created quite a hype in the industry. Huge companies and names have backed the game. It is an open-world auto-battle RPG game where players will roam the world and explore new areas. This world is home to fascinating creatures called Illuvials. Illuvials come in five class types — Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Poison, and Empath.

Players will create characters armed with technological weapons and armor. They will explore the lands to find the elusive Illuvials and fight them. Players become the sole owner of any Illuvial they defeat. Illuvials act as NFTs they hold value and can be sold or traded, the rarer the creature, the more value they hold. Players can also discover resources such as gems, when infused makes players more powerful or can again be sold or traded. Illuvium will have its own native token (ILV) and it will also host yield farming programs so players can do more than just earn on the platform. 


Next on the list is a shooter game. LightNite is a game where you can shoot players to earn Bitcoin. The game is currently in its beta phase. We will see the full launch sometime later this year. White Lightnite is a play-to-earn, multiplayer third-person shooting game, it is more like a total free-for-all shoot to kill battle royale.

Players will set off with a single goal that is to be the last player standing. The more players you shoot the more Bitcoin you can earn. At the moment in its beta phase, players can play mini-games within the platform to earn Bitcoin. Once the game goes full launch, that’s when we will see all-out mayhem on the battlefield.

The Sandbox 

Another much-anticipated blockchain gaming venture is The Sandbox. This magical space is set to release on the blockchain very soon. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has its own cryptocurrency called SAND. The Sandbox is a play-to-earn virtual Minecraft style metaverse. You can own land and even build your own game in this space thus, opening doors for artists and game designers.

Collectors and gamers can hop on from one game to another collecting items and leveling up.  Prominent game makers like Atari already own land on The Sandbox. Assets will be player-owned and can be sold or traded to the highest bidders. Players can earn SAND as they explore and interact with different games on the platform.

Space Misfits

Coming to a blockchain near you, sometime this year, is Space Misfits. It is a huge MMO game. Players can craft and fly space ships, mine resources, collect items, and own space stations. Those owning space stations can generate passive income on the blockchain game. There are 5 major blockchain assets that a player can hold in Space Misfits. The first three are blueprints, specifically for, spaceship, avatar, and avatar skins.

The fourth asset is the space station token. Players will receive rewards every time another player uses their space station. Players can earn crypto rewards for providing services like ship repairs, forge, asteroid processing, market cloning, and blueprint copies. The fifth asset is the planet outpost token. Players can own a fuel-producing planet. Fuel can later be used for trade.

Vulcan Verse

Vulcan Verse is an intriguing blockchain-based game. Inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, the game consists of players owning a unique piece of land. They can explore the world to find interesting artifacts. Players can use these along with other resources to build and change their plot of land anytime they wish to. This means that the game’s landscape and aesthetics will change as players keep terraforming their land.

Players can also choose to engage in battle. Moreover, trading on the game will flourish as all assets are monetized. Vulcan Verse is backed by 3 books. These books provide depth to the game with a focus on the lore and its stories. Currently, the game is in its close alpha early stage, open alpha will be available very soon. This game holds great potential, so stay tuned for the full release announcement.


Now that we understand all the new possibilities that come with blockchain gaming, perhaps we will see more innovation in the blockchain gaming industry in the future. We saw many games that are slowly tapping into their full potential, yet we can do so much more.

Players will be able to earn in crypto for dedicating their lives to their favorite games, a game where for once all their hard-earned items will be owned by them and them alone. With the presence of the blockchain, no equipment will ever die. No item will ever go wasted. Every in-game asset can be a monetary asset.

Perhaps someday we will see a cross-platform where all gamers from all games will be able to interact in the same space. Wild dreams like an open-world tournament where Donkey Kong will battle it out against Pacman does not seem as crazy anymore. With blockchain technology in the gaming industry, we could very well see a gaming space like in the movie Ready Player One.

The gaming community is an ever-growing one. Filled with devoted and dedicated members, it is full of potential. This community is always hoping for something new and exciting from its industry. With blockchain, it is finally possible to meet their expectation.

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