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Boxmining Backs Ethbox (EBOX) Ahead of Uniswap Listing

  • Boxmining has backed ethbox ahead of EBOX token listing on Uniswap.
  • Boxmining Founder, Michael Gu will serve as an adviser to the ethbox team.
  • ethbox’s EBOX token will also serve as a governance token.

Boxmining’s founder Michael Gu has joined the ethbox team as an adviser. The move comes as ethbox gears up to release its limited EBOX tokens on Uniswap. Boxmining joins other key players like KVestor and Duckstarter in backing ethbox.

Notably, ethbox is a community incubated project that recently successfully closed its whitelist Initial Dex Offering (IDO) at DuckStarter. As such, ethbox will now be on sale on DuckDAO, while EBOX tokens will soon be listed for trading on Uniswap.

Of note, DuckStarter is DuckDAO’s crowdfunding platform that has successfully launched several projects. Also, as an Ethereum based project, ethbox, has proved to be a crowd favorite. This is partly because the project aims to eliminate the risk associated with making transfers on the Ethereum network.

In fact, ethbox is based on smart contracts made for transferring Ether quickly and securely. Further, the project is an escrow platform that makes it impossible to send funds to the wrong address. Also, ethbox limits transfer details to the sender and receiver. However, the project also guards against unintended ECR-20 transfers and fraudulent activities.

In fact, ethbox aims to release 1,625 million EBOX tokens, at $0.0055 each, via several distribution streams. In addition, the EBOX token will also entitle holders to up to 50% of the blockchain’s revenue. EBOX holders will also have decision-making power over the project’s development.

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