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Brave Takes Aim at Google, Acquires Search Engine

  • Brave is set to launch the first private alternative to Google Search and Chrome.
  • Brave Search will be built around Tailcat’s independent index of websites.
  • Unlike Google, Brave will not collect user IP addresses or personal data.

Brave just announced that it acquired Tailcat, an open search engine. In a press release, Brave revealed that it aims to offer a private alternative to Google Search and Google Chrome.

The Hubert Burda Media team built Tailcat as well as Cliqz privacy search and browser.

Paul-Bernhard Kallen, Hubert Burda Media CEO, said,

We are very happy that our technology is being used at Brave and that, as a result, a genuine, privacy-friendly alternative to Google is being created in the core web functions of browsing and searching.

Kallen also added that his team will continue working on the project.

Of note, Brave emphasized that unlike Google, Brave will not collect user IP addresses or use user personal data to personalize search results. Meanwhile, Brave will build its search engine around Tailcat’s independent index of websites.

Further, Brave claims that Big Tech built all current search engines. However, Brave search will offer a more private option in line with the company’s vision. Brave aims to “fix the internet by giving users a safer, faster, and better browsing experience.”

The need for greater online privacy has risen over the last few years. As a result, Brave search reported over 25 million users in 2020. Brave CEO Brendan Eich believes that demand for Brave products will rise as more users seek real privacy solutions to escape Big Tech’s invasive practices.

In addition, Brave search will be ad-free, but Brave will reward users with its BAT tokens for opting into ads. An incentive Brave believes will benefit both creators and users.

Brave built its software on blockchain and has multiple current projects including a plan to launch its own Decentralized Exchange as part of its BAT Roadmap.

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