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Buyaladdin set to Accept Crypto Payments — BTC, ETH

  • The Buyaladdin app will soon accept BTC and ETH as valid payment methods.
  • Korea will be the first to access this new perk, USA users will be next.
  • The Buyaladdin team is working with the ABBC team to add ABBC Coin to its payment roster.

The Buyaladdin app will soon roll out a new update. Users on the app will soon be able to complete payments using cryptocurrency. Specifically, BTC and ETH will be used to make crypto payments on the app.

By using a plug-in, Buyaladdin will make it possible for users to make crypto payments to multiple shopping malls. As the first app to bring about such a service, Buyaladdin is a pioneer in its field. Until now most apps were limited to allowing crypto payments for just one shopping mall.

This update will roll out first in Korea. Users on the app will be able to shop from a select few shopping malls that will be available on the app. In particular, these malls will include 11Street, Auction, WeMake, and Coupang.

Also, from this range of shopping malls, certain items will be integrated onto the Buyaladdin app. Users can also pay for these plug-in shopping mall products with cryptocurrency. Therefore, users will have a wide and diverse range of products to choose from.

Furthermore, these plug-in shopping malls will gain access to shoppers via the app. Thus, they can provide additional services to them. Moreover, the shopping malls will not have to create, develop or add new functions of their own. Instead, they can reach a new audience directly from the Buyaladdin app.

Once the update is out, users can make crypto payments with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Currently, the Buyaladdin team is working closely with the ABBC team to bring ABBC Coin onto the Buyaladdin app. Hence, ABBC Coin will soon join the Buyaladdin crypto payment roster along with BTC and ETH.

Additionally, the Buyaladdin team is also working on bringing the update to the USA. Thus, US users will soon be able to make crypto payments on the Buyaladdin app as well.

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