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Cardano-Ethiopia Deal All Over New York Times Homepage

  • Cardano-Ethiopia partnership all over New York Times’ news homepage.
  • IOG and Ethiopian Education Ministry partner to build blockchain identification system
  • The partnership will be the largest blockchain deployment ever.

Cardano’s IOG and Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education partnership is by far the biggest blockchain collab in the industry’s history. Now, it’s taking over the New York Times homepage.

The partnership is receiving a lot of attention. This is because there are a very large number of people who can stand to benefit from it. The move marks a great milestone not just for Cardano but for the crypto and blockchain sector itself. Not just this but it also shows the actualization of blockchain’s value and using it for its true purpose.

Also, it is important to note that this update caught the attention of a huge media news giant, boosting the ecosystem. Additionally, it vouches for the fact that giant institutions are now moving in to support developments in the blockchain industry.

For context, Input Output Global (IOG) announced on 27th April 2021, that it was partnering with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education. The two will work to build a blockchain-based national identification system. IOG is the parent company behind the development of Cardano.

Moreover, the partnership will bring over 5 million students and 750,000 teachers from 3,500 schools to the Cardano network. This will take the cake for the biggest blockchain deployment ever. Schools in the country hope to be able to track student performance using the tech.

Furthermore, the project will go live in January 2022 and the company will open a physical office in the capital, Addis Ababa.

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