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Coinbase Lists 1INCH, ENJ, NKN, and OGN, Prices Surge

  • Coinbase listed 1INCH, ENJ, NKN, and OGN cryptos on its exchange platform.
  • All 4 cryptos saw a brief surge in price following the announcement.

Coinbase announced its official listing of four new cryptocurrencies on its exchange platform earlier today. As of now, Coinbase supports 1inch (1INCH), Enjin Coin (ENJ), NKN (NKN), Origin Token (OGN).

Therefore, traders on the Coinbase platform can begin using these cryptos. Meaning that they can now buy, sell, store, send, receive, and convert 1INCH, ENJ, NKN, and OGN. Moreover, the listing of these cryptos is live on both and in the Coinbase iOS and Android apps.

Following the announcement, all four cryptos saw brief price surges. Particularly, according to CoinGecko, 1INCH, the Ethereum token which powers a decentralized exchange (DEX), went from $6.20 to $6.38.

Meanwhile, ENJ, the token aimed at easing the buying and selling of Non-fungible tokens (NFTS), soared from $3.47 to $3.72. Presently it stands at $3.29.

On the other hand, NKN went from $1.24 to $1.44. As a public blockchain, NKN aims to motivate all internet users to indulge in sharing network connections and make use of unused bandwidth.

Lastly, Origin Token (OGN) went from $2.89 to $3.12 following the Coinbase listing announcement. This too is an Ethereum token. It aims to power peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized marketplaces. Users use the token to govern, stake, and advertise on the Origin Platform.

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