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Constellation and LCX Partner up for Blockchain Expansion

  • Constellation Network and LCX fintech have agreed to a long-term partnership
  • LCX to provide Constellation Network with legal assistance and framework
  • Constellation Network will share the benefits of scalability in crypto with LCX

Constellation Network has partnered with to develop more secure and scalable blockchain solutions. The new partnership takes Constellation a step further towards its goal to partner with other decentralized service providers.

Notably, LCX is a global FinTech company that has gained regulatory approval for 8 blockchain-related registrations with the Financial Market Authority in Liechtenstein. LCX is pioneering a blockchain infrastructure that bridges the gap between traditional monetary systems and modern innovation.

Of note, the deal will help Constellation with its L_0 token standard approach. Specifically, the blockchain will use LCX to enhance its transparency, accountability, and boost users’ trust. That is to say, it will give higher accountability and increase trust within token holders.

Terms of the partnership

Speaking of the partnership, Monty Metzger, founder, and CEO of said,

Crypto is all about scale. Constellation has built the infrastructure to scale fast and build a profitable network for all stakeholders involved. Now LCX users will become stakeholders of the Constellation Network as well and will enjoy its benefits.

According to the deal LCX will also support the listing of tokens created using Constellation’s L_0 token standard. To achieve the token listing LCX will integrate native wallets to its exchange. LCX also agreed to list $DAG and LTX tokens on the LCX Exchange. In fact, the two will partner to provide a path for tokens minted on Constellation to be regulatory compliant.

In addition, LCX will give Constellation legal support and help create a viable framework for other L_0 tokens and businesses currently operating in stealth mode. LCX and Constellation will also collaborate to use Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) to bring trade and transaction transparency to the centralized exchange (CEX).

However, LCX will also use HGTP to build a state channel to validate trade data thus adding many DeFi benefits to the CEX.

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