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Corion Foundation Join Hands With Fuse to Solve Issues on Ethereum

  • Corion Foundation and Fuse collaborated to solve Ethereum network’s limitations.
  • CorionX works together with Fuse to make stablecoin transactions cheaper and more flexible.
  • Moreover, they support the mainstream adoption of stablecoins and DeFi.

The Corion Foundation and Fuse will work together to spread the mass adoption of cryptocurrency as well as solve the congestion problem of the Ethereum network.

Bridge between Fuse Chain & Ethereum

Corion Foundation’s CorionX announced its partnership with Fuse, a platform that enables secure and friction-less mobile payments. This partnership is the result of the shared vision to make stablecoin transactions cheaper and more flexible with the use of the Fuse Chain and Ethereum Bridge solutions.

With stablecoins unable to be widely-accepted due to Ethereum network’s limitations, Corion Foundation and Fuse are currently working together to introduce a solution based on POA’s bridge implementation.

Here, ERC-20 token holders can transfer between the Fuse Chain and the Ethereum network. This aims to resolve scalability and interoperability concerns on the latter’s operations.

Supporting stablecoins and DeFi

Additionally, Fuse acts as an Ethereum sidechain that is specifically designed to replace the old method of blockchain-based payments. To make this work, Fuse and CorionX provide frictionless onboarding, fast verification, token swap, fiat gateway, and merchant support.

Miklos Denkler, a Corion Foundation Board Member, further explained that,

CorionX users will able to use many daily benefits due to integration of Fuse Network and Chain, CorionX Wallet, Merchant payments and FIAT gateway as a white label solution provided by Fuse.

Denkler also pointed out that this partnership will help in supporting the mainstream adoption of stablecoins and decentralized finance (DeFi). In line with this, millions of people in local economies can utilize CorionX and Fuse services worldwide.

Furthermore, the growing number of projects and technologies in the DeFi space is one reason that contributes to the increasing gas fees and congestion of the ETH network. CorionX and Fuse address this problem through its partnership. No doubt, a move that will surely catch the attention of all ETH users in the DeFi space.

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