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DELTA Makes Uniswap Trading Volume Jumped by 450%

  • Uniswap trading volume jumped 450% over the past 24 hours.
  • The total volume on Uniswap is $7.17 billion.
  • DELTA was held responsible for the Uniswap trading volume increase.

Trading volume on decentralized exchange Uniswap has jumped to over 450% in the past 24 hours. Recently, the total trading volume on Uniswap reached a high amount of $7.17 billion. The DELTA crypto is said to be the crypto responsible for the skyrocketing of Uniswap trading volume.

Furthermore, DELTA has achieved a whopping $6.13 billion in trading, truly a good performance made by the crypto.

This made Uniswap creator Hayden Adams react in a tweet post:

Hayden further added some more information about DELTA’s influence in the Uniswap exchange. “The statistics DELTA has accumulated will not count toward the DEX’s global volume because of a quirk of Delta’s protocol. After that change, real trading volume is at around $1.05 billion, a fairly normal day for Uniswap,” he said.

Delta is a new crypto that uses the Ethereum technology just like many other cryptocurrencies. In order to trade the crypto, users must use Uniswap exchange for now. Moreover, UniSwap will introduce its much-awaited third version (V3) soon. Relatively, the number of times to search for the word “UniSwap” has risen overwhelmingly on Google search trends.

More so, UniSwap got 31% of Google search trend activity early this year. However, this month, UniSwap search volume has risen to more than 91%. Of note, it shows that people’s interest in DeFi is also increasing nowadays.

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