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Double Your Deposit! Buy Crypto With a Card and Get the Same Amount in KEX Stablecoins

KickEX exchange has announced a new promotion! When buying crypto with fiat via Mastercard or Visa bank cards, users will have a chance to double their purchase. Five lucky winners will receive the same amount in new semi-stablecoin KEX as a reward.

You can read more about the KEX token here.

Dates: September 29, 07:00 (UTC) to October 12, 07:00 (UTC)

Total prize pool: up to $100,000 in KEX

How to participate: From September 29 to October 12, buy any cryptocurrency from the “Funds” section on the KickEX exchange — in the equivalent of $30 or more — with a bank card. Each winner will receive a bonus in KEX tokens equal to the purchase. Rewards will be credited to the winner’s KickEX account by October 19. The more you purchase, the greater chance you have of winning!

Important: To buy cryptocurrency all users must pass the KYC procedure. Without completed KYC, the button for buying cryptocurrency is NOT VISIBLE, so we kindly ask you to pass “Verification” in your account. Bonuses in KEX are awarded only during the limited period of this promotion.

Purchase limits: The amount of one transaction must be equivalent to between $30 – $4500.

Read more about buying crypto for fiat with bank cards here.

The results: The winners will be determined and prizes will be awarded within a week after the end of this promotion. Using a random number generator, 5 transactions will be selected. If one of the purchases is made by a user who has already won the competition, it will not be counted — one user can win only once.

Additional Information:

  • Rewards will be credited in KEX tokens to accounts on the KickEX exchange;
  • The rate for a rewarding deposit in cryptocurrency will be the actual exchange rate of these currencies to USDT at the time of payment of the awards;
  • KickEX reserves the right to final interpretation of this promotion;
  • Winners’ awards will be credited on October 19.

What is a KEX token?

It is a semi-stable token backed with proof-of trading and a fixed price $1 accepted within the ecosystem. Traders receive $1 KEX for every 2 USDT of the paid trading fee.

How to use KEX?

  • KEX lowers the trading fees for those traders who keep a token in their wallet on KickEX. You can read more about the KickEX fee structure and coverage with KEX tokens here.
  • KEX will allow KickRef referrers who have not made $5 in trading fees to withdraw their referral earnings. To do this, they will have to pay 50% of the withdrawal amount in KEX (for example, 50 KEX is required to withdraw $100). Read more about withdrawing referral earnings in KickRef here.
  • KEX will allow over a million users to unfreeze the previously received Frozendrop of 888,888 frozen KickTokens. A detailed description of the defrost mechanics will be announced very soon.

5 steps to buy cryptocurrency with fiat on KickEX:

  1. Go to the “Funds” section on the KickEX exchange, then go to the “Buy Crypto” tab;
  2. Select the desired fiat currency and cryptocurrency from the list. Enter the required amount and fiat currency in the converter.
  3. Below, click on the blue button “Buy Crypto” — you will be redirected to the page of our partner Mercuryo;
  4. Enter your phone number and agree to the terms of service to complete the payment. After that, you need to confirm the phone number using the SMS code. Then, fill in your personal information, indicate your mail, and confirm it by clicking on the link in the email you received.
  5. In the window that opens, you need to fill in the credit card data. After completing the payment, you will be redirected back to the KickEX exchange to confirm that the process was successful. Immediately after that, the purchased tokens will be credited to the KickEX exchange account.

Unfortunately, at the moment, users from these countries — even if they successfully completed KYC on KickEX — will not be able to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat:

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Colombia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Darfur, Syria, United States of America, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

The types of bank cards can be used to purchase crypto:

Visa and MasterCard are accepted — virtual, prepaid, debit, and credit cards. Maestro and PayPal cards are not accepted. Bank transfers such as SEPA, WIRE, SWIFT, ACH are not supported.

Participate in the promo on KickEX

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