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EGLD Holders Can Now Compute and Claim MEX Tokens

  • Elrond Network is calling all EGDL holders to claim MEX.
  • Elrond Founder and CEO Beniamin Mincu called the development a step forward.
  • Also, Elrond released the first snapshot of the Maiar Exchange on April 22.

Earlier today, the Elrond network posted on their official Twitter account calling all EGLD holders. The post included a GIF showing how to claim MEX, based on the week one snapshot.

In addition, Elrond reminded users that the first four weekly snapshots are super valuable and can earn more MEX.

At the same time, Elrond Founder and CEO, Beniamin Mincu, retweeted the post saying, “Another step forward. You can now see how much MEX you will be able to claim based on the Week 1 snapshots. Week 2 snapshots should be coming soon as well.”

On the other hand, Elrond released the first snapshot of the Maiar Exchange on April 22. Moreover, it allows EGLD holders to see their MEX governance token balances increase.

At the same time, the MEX governance token will enable the community to make decisions. Notably, most of the token supply airdropped to EGLD holders.

Furthermore, the Elrond team developed the Maiar exchange and created it to give traders access to a better user interface. The exchange is a powerful automated market maker with better scaling and almost no fees.

Lastly, MEX will be the first token of the Elrond ecosystem and will be airdropped to EGLD holders. Most EGLD holders are eligible to receive MEX tokens, which should boost the interest in the token and consequently push up its price.

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