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FTX Token Surges as Exchange Adds New Feature

  • FTX price surges as its crypto exchange adds a new feature.
  • Daily trading volume of FTX boost to over $40 million.
  • Moreover, FTX exchange has launched the Account Value History feature.

FTX token soars high as its crypto exchange continues to perform massive upgrades. Due to this, FTX expects mass adoption of tokens.

The volume of cryptocurrencies continues to increase every day. Due to the pandemic that brought market chaos, investors acquire crypto as an alternative to fiat currency.  As a result, the need for a crypto exchange that could provide efficiency to its users is on the rise. One of these crypto exchanges is FTX, a crypto derivatives exchange.

The FTX crypto exchange is one of the active crypto exchanges in the crypto world. Above all, FTX’s ability to listen to its users’ needs makes it stand out against its competitor. In the past month, the exchange successfully created numerous features that provide convenience to its users.

Currently, the exchange has launched the Account Value History feature, to grant the request of its users. This series of upgrades in the exchange contributes a lot to its token bullish price standing. In other words, the crypto is facing a rocket high position.

Jay Manila

A dedicated market analyst focused on the highs and lows of the cryptocurrency market. With a background in Business Administration, he tries to unfold his financial perspective to global readers.

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