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GemTRX – How a Giant Technology Company Perfected Cloud Mining in the Cryptocurrency World

GemTRX Sponsored

If you wish to jump right into GemTRX, register through the platform’s Registration page. For an overview and a feel of the service, visit GemTRX’s website.

With more blockchain ecosystems and mining services emerging amid the crypto boom, users now find it difficult to choose which service provider they wish to start their cloud mining journey. Enter GemTRX.

A Leader in Tron Cloud Mining

Launched in 2018, GemTRX is one of the top cloud mining companies in the Tron blockchain. The platform provides users with significant income on their investments and maximizes the interests of each user, leveraging large wealth with rather low capital.

The platform offers a secure and low-cost cloud service to mine TRON (TRX). To ensure a seamless cloud mining experience for users, GemTRX pursues long-term strategic partnerships with various enterprises. Furthermore, the service provides users with daily returns of TRX tokens that they can withdraw.

Compared to other cloud mining services that require large minimum deposits, GemTRX allows a mere deposit of 5 TRX ($0.3) for users to start earning crypto. This sets a low entry cost for users to test out the platform.

If you want to know more, watch GemTRX’s introductory video.

The Go-to Cloud Mining Service for TRX

GemTRX offers a suite of cloud mining solutions, from quantitative trading to DeFi technology. The platform is open to global users with zero restrictions.

Primary and Promotional Accounts

There are several ways to earn through GemTRX. The primary way of earning is through the user’s basic account. They just simply create an account, deposit TRX, and wait for the deposit confirmation. Once confirmed, the account will automatically receive rewards.

The basic account is the initial primitive technique for doing this. As a mining machine, it earns 5-10% of your income daily, based on the quantity of TRX deposits. A promotion account is used to invest in the mining cycle. After incorporating TRX into the mining cycle, you will get a daily return of 1.3%-5% of your initial investment.

The daily gains will add up to the maximum amount of the investment value. Following the completion of the mining cycle, the entire sum, including the daily rate and principal invested in the mining cycle, will be instantly restored to the promotion account and can be withdrawn in full.

In addition, GemTRX users can earn through promotional accounts to invest in the mining cycle, ranging from seven days to over 150 days. Depending on the chosen period, users will receive a daily return of between 1.3% and 5% of their initial investment. The mining cycle accrues compound interest, increasing users’ earnings significantly.

For easier info consumption, watch GemTRX’s “How to Become a Billionaire” product introduction.

Mining Cycle and Returns

7 days 1.3% – min 100TRX
15 days 1.6% – min 100TRX
30 days 2.5% – min 100TRX
45 days 3.0% – min 100TRX
60 days 3.5% – min 100TRX
90 days 4.0% – min 100TRX
120 days 4.5% – min 100TRX
150 days 5.0% – min 100TRX

Affiliate and Rebate Incentives

GemTRX boasts attractive affiliate and rebate incentives to boost user income. According to the company, this is the best way to earn from the service. The platform’s 12% rebate program is one of the highest on the market. A deposit of 10 thousand TRX (about $640) can earn users up to 1200 TRX in rebate. The program covers invitation, deposit, and trading rebates.

Invitation Rebates

Invitation to a Level 1 User: Upon their complete registration, receive a 30TRX incentive.

Invitation of a Level 1 User to a Level 2 User: Upon their complete registration, you receive a 20TRX incentive.

Invitation of a Level 2 User to a Level 3 User: Upon their complete registration, you receive a 10TRX incentive.

Deposit Rebates

The incentive is based on the downline deposit amount every time through the account. The rebates below are baked on user downline deposit amount per time:

User A deposits 10000TRX: get 1200TRX (12%).

User A invites user B to deposit 10000TRX: get 200TRX (2%).

User B invites user C to deposit 10000TRX: get 100TRX (1%).

If you have three generations of downline in a single line, you will get 15% of the deposit rebate in total. Instant withdrawal is also available.

Trading Rebates

This value of the incentive is potentially based if the invited individuals mine through their accounts.

Mining by the Level 1 User: Receive a 10% incentive.

Mining by the Level 2 User: Receive a 5% incentive.

Mining by the Level 3 User: Receive a 3% incentive.

Efficient Cloud Mining Starts Here

GemTRX is ready to cater to any cloud mining user’s needs. Users can test out the platform with a mere 5 TRX deposits and earn through the platform’s affiliate and rebate programs. Better yet, users can gather their own team and maximize the 12% rebate to generate more passive income.

Download the app on Google Play and start your TRX cloud mining journey with GemTRX today! For more information, news, and updates, visit the platform’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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