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Google: UniSwap Search Rises Amid Its Upcoming V3 Launch

  • UniSwap search activities have increased on Google search trends.
  • This came as a result of its upcoming V3 launch.
  • UniSwap search volume has pushed up from 31% to 91%.

DeFi protocol UniSwap will launch its much-awaited third version (V3) in the upcoming days. Due to that, the number of times users search for the word “UniSwap” has increased overwhelmingly on Google search trends.

Of note, in January this year, UniSwap had 31% of Google search trend activity. However, now in March, UniSwap search volume has increased drastically to more than 91%. This shows that people’s interest in DeFi is also increasing nowadays.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that interest in UniSwap has grown. In September last year, many people got attracted to UniSwap. This came after UniSwap unveiled that it will launch its native token called UNI and four ETH-based liquidity pools for farming.

Also, last year, UniSwap promised that it would give about 400 UNI tokens to users who used the exchange frequently at that time. This also attracted lots more users to UniSwap. Furthermore, in August last year, UniSwap raised a whopping $11 million mainly for its version 3.

The firm got the $11 million from a series A funding round for its decentralized trading platform. Based on a report, the V3 will increase UniSwap’s capital efficiency.

About the V3, Uniswap Co-Founder Hayden Adams tweeted,

If I have to go another week without publicly announcing details of UniSwap v3 I might go insane.

Based on Adams’s tweet, many believe UniSwap will launch the V3 soon. Also, others hope that the V3 will lower gas fees.

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