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Government of Ukraine Launches Crypto Education Series

  • The Ukrainian government has recently launched a blockchain and cryptocurrency education series for its natives.
  • Alongside the web education released, Ukrainians will be educated about crypto-blockchain know-how.
  • The crypto web education series contains 8 episodes with a minimum of twelve-minute duration.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has recently announced the launch of its blockchain-based education series. The web series particularly aims to educate Ukrainians about Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies.

In line with educating the Ukrainians on crypto, the Ukraine government’s “Diia.Digital Education” program officially released the web education series.

Separately, the web series consists almost of eight episodes of which each has a maximum of twelve minutes duration. Sequentially, each series of episodes briefly explains crypto-blockchain basics.

The show is set off by a well-timed entrepreneur and former banker Andriy Onistrat as a guest who is already in the blockchain industry.

According to a Youtube episode, the web series eventually explains digital currencies as unstoppable and permissionless transaction books.

In addition, Onistrat remarked that through blockchain education, Ukraine National Bank can increase the hryvnia currency supply significantly.

Furthermore, as the program progressed, marketing director of Binance exchange in Ukraine Ivan Paskar, briefly expressed his opinion on how Bitcoin maintains an immutable and verifiable supply chain.

Furthermore, through the program, individual persons who enroll in viewing the episode obtain a certified certificate after viewing episodes. For this, the Ukrainian government means to utilize blockchain features to drive and achieve digital assets freedom within the country.

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