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Grayscale Exploring More Digital Asset Investments

  • Grayscale seeks to try out new digital assets to support more exposure
  • Its CEO sees potential in cryptos as the sector is highly dynamic
  • Grayscale is currently studying DOT, ADA, XMR, AAVE, LINK, BAT, SUSHI, etc.

Grayscale is exposing interest to explore new digital assets with more product offerings to present to its customers. This will encourage more exposure to virtual investments as there are promising cryptos with many possibilities that meet investors’ needs.

The world’s leading digital asset institution, Grayscale plans to get more from digital assets, including increased sales of its OTC products. The home of eight leading crypto investment products seeks to try out new digital assets to support more exposure to virtual investments.

According to Grayscale’s CEO, the cryptocurrency sector is highly dynamic, and this is why they explore new product offerings. Worth noticing, the digital asset institution wants to identify promising cryptos with possibilities meeting investor’s demands. This means that not all of the assets will stand as investment products.

However, Grayscale is currently studying assets such as DOT, ADA, XMR, AAVE, LINK, BAT, SUSHI, to name a few. Interestingly, it is obvious that Grayscale has its eyes on DeFi ecosystems which have seen a boom in the past year.

Recall, at the beginning of February, Grayscale Ethereum Trust acquired 25,000 ETH worth $37.6 million, which surged the second’s largest asset’s price to $1,5K. Along with this, the New-York-based ecosystem announced through its Twitter account that the company’s breakthrough past the $40 billion mark placing for the first time its cryptos worth above $34 billion.

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