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BTC $61305.84 (-3.3%)
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Guarda Crypto Wallet Review: A Complete Guidebook

Guarda-Crypto-Wallet-Review Crypto Wallets
  • Guarda wallet is a popular multi-currency non-custodial crypto hot wallet.
  • It is supported by various software and can run on mobile, desktop, and the web.
  • The platform offers enticing features such as staking and much more.

In a time where blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have taken the world by storm, it is inevitable that cryptocurrency wallets have also taken center stage. Security is arguably the most important factor when it comes to the crypto space, and the best crypto wallets will deliver.

Although, with rising demand comes cut-throat competition, and this industry sees a lot of it. Traders, holders, and all crypto enthusiasts are constantly looking for the best options available to them. For instance, when it comes to crypto wallets, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Users may prioritize security over all else, or, perhaps the wallet’s features, its ease of use, the number of cryptos it can hold, device compatibility, and so much more. There is even the choice between hot and cold wallets. Some may even just prefer sticking to native exchange wallets. The choices are far and wide, as long as the wallet is capable, users can rest easy.

In this crypto wallet review, we will turn our magnifying glasses onto a renowned crypto wallet — Guarda Wallet. We will begin by understanding what it is and then proceed with exploring its features and capabilities. By the end of this Guarda crypto wallet review, our readers will be fully armed with the knowledge they need to expertly navigate through the Guarda wallet.

What Is Guarda Wallet?

Guarda wallet is a non-custodial, multi-currency crypto wallet that is available for mobile, desktop, and web. In fact, it is compatible with many platforms. To name them, Android, AppGallery, Chrome, Debian, Linux, MacOS, Ubuntu, and Windows. Users on mobile can download the app directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

This wallet has been in the making for a long time. The company behind it has been actively working in the crypto space since 2017. Presently, the CEO of Guarda wallet is Paul Sokolov. To add on, Guarda is based in Portugal. 

Like any good cryptocurrency wallet, Guarda works as an all-in-one crypto storage solution. The brand, however, wanted to be more than just a place to buy and store cryptocurrencies. Thus, it offers services that allow users to trade and stake as well. Besides this, it also comes with a lot of other features and perks. We shall explore this later on in this Guarda wallet review.

One inspiration behind the utility for Guarda is the fact that the brand wanted to mirror a fiat bank application. These fiat banking apps now offer a full, more robust, service. Therefore, Guarda set out to offer an impressive set of services of its own.

Guarda Wallet Details

Available on mobileYes
Available on mobile400,000+
Native tokenGuarda Token (GRD)
Staking FeatureYes
CEOPaul Sokolov
HQ locationPortugal

What Does Guarda Offer?

Let’s start with the services users can enjoy on Guarda. For one, they can buy cryptocurrencies. Guarda supports thousands of tokens from over 50 different blockchains. At the moment, there are over 400,000 assets available on the platform. Another feature on the platform is the crypto exchange. Users can just as easily swap from one cryptocurrency to another, limitlessly.

So, users can choose from an array of cryptos, DeFi tokens, and stablecoins to buy, send, receive, exchange, and stake with these assets on Guarda. The platform accepts many types of payment methods for buying cryptos on Guarda. These include Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and SEPA transfers.  

One of the biggest highlights on Guarda’s platform is Crypto Loans. Users can leave their crypto as collateral in exchange for USDT or USDC. These stablecoins can be used to swap to fiat. This can be done instead of selling or trading away crypto assets that could go up in the future.

Crypto loans on Guarda can begin with 100 USDT and offer 10% in annual percentage rates (APR). To elaborate, users will not need to provide any KYC or additional documentation in order to qualify for this service.

Another perk on Guarda is the fact that users can generate their own ERC-20 tokens. Creating an ERC-20 token here will guarantee a listing on Uniswap, a user-friendly interface, and complete tech support. Additionally, users can also create their own blockchain domains.

Earn Rewards With Staking

How can a crypto wallet make its mark in the industry without offering a decent staking rewards system? Guarda is certainly one of the good ones for its very well-thought-out staking rewards feature. Users on the platform can stake any token they wish, to earn rewards.   

Users can choose to stake any of the crypto assets they are holding on their Guarda wallet. By doing so, they will be able to earn a passive income. This income is determined by the number of assets staked, the value of the asset, and the amount of time the assets are staked for.

Guarda wallet even runs its own validation nodes. For instance, it has launched fully decentralized validators for Ethereum (ETH), Harmony (ONE), and more. Those considering to stake their rewards can even check out the possible reward amount from the website’s rewards calculator before staking their assets.

Native Token and Other Advantages

The Guarda platform is home to its native token — Guarda Token (GRD). Users can buy and trade with this token. Holding GRD tokens means that users will be privy to certain perks such as access to exclusive offers in Guarda Wallet.

Since July 2021, Guarda Token holders are enjoying discounts on the platform when paying with GRD tokens. These exclusive promotions and offers will allow users to grow their business on the platform in the long run. At the time of writing, the price of GRD is $0.79.

A way to boost one’s GRD collection is by taking part in the platform’s Referral Program. Users can refer their friends and others to join the platform to earn GRD tokens. In particular, a share of the referee’s trading fees will be received in the form of a reward. This will amount up to 0.5% of the referee’s exchange. Thus, the program helps users to grow along with the platform.

How To Join Guarda Wallet

It is a simple process to create a Guarda crypto wallet account. Users can set it up on their mobile, desktop, or web browser.

First, one must open the Guarda web app or download the Guarda mobile app. The next step is to click ‘Create a new wallet’. Users must then insert a strong password and type it in twice to confirm.

After this, the user must download their wallet backup. If necessary, users can even add biometrics for an extra layer of security.

Now, the new Guarda crypto wallet is ready to be used! Users can begin exploring the options, features, and possibilities provided by the Guarda platform.


Guarda Wallet is a multi-currency, non-custodial crypto wallet. It offers a wide array of features that pleases its users as well as 24/7 support services. The app alone has thousands of positive reviews and has a very high rating. Like any other good wallet, it prioritizes security and provides practical and beneficial features such as buying and staking crypto assets.

Before the final verdict, readers must please be aware that this review is simply based on the observations and research analysis of CoinQuora. Specifically, this article is not intended to serve as financial advice.

With that said, we can conclude that Guarda Wallet is an excellent choice for a non-custodial multi-asset cryptocurrency. Users so far seem to be thrilled by the features available on the platform, not to mention the security it offers along with its multi-software compatibility.


Is Guarda Wallet a good crypto wallet?

Guarda Wallet has a dedicated team behind it. Since 2017, the platform has hit many milestones and has come a long way. Also, its CEO is very vocal and an active member of the crypto community. However, we still do recommend our readers follow the platform’s official channels and other sources to do their own research before making any decisions.

Is Guarda Wallet reliable?

Guarda Wallet has excellent user reviews as well as very high ratings by users from all over the world. It offers robust features and aims to provide its users with well-thought-out services. Thus, it is safe to say that the platform is reliable and well-liked.

What type of crypto wallet is Guarda?

Guarda wallet can be accessed through mobile phones and website browsers. Therefore, it is a hot cryptocurrency wallet.

Does Guarda have a native token?

Yes, it is known as the Guarda Token (GRD). Users on the platform can buy GRD or even earn some via the platform’s referral program.

Disclaimer: All information in this Wallet Review article is solely for the user’s information and nothing else. No information in this article should be interpreted as investment advice. CoinQuora does not endorse any product or service from any company on its website, directly or indirectly.

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