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Hackers Steal $30 Million from Staking Pool Using BNB

  • The crypto world has once again experienced an attack from the unknown hackers.
  • Crypto hackers stole almost $30 million from staking pools.

The crypto world has once again experienced an attack from unknown internet hackers. Based on a tweet posted by Spartan Protocol, the hackers used $61 million worth of BNB to overcome the pools and bag an estimated $30 million fund from the pools.

 Yes, this is a piece of news that once again shocked the crypto world.

The crypto enthusiast Lark Davis is one of the many people in the community who reacted to this.

“ Another day, another massive hack! Keep safe out there! #crypto “ .

As of now, the details regarding this hacking incident remain unclear. However, one thing is for sure, this is not an ordinary crypto staking activity. On the other hand, this is also not the first time this year that the crypto world faced a hacking incident.

Recently, hackers targeted the famous crypto exchange Hotbit, with over 200 million users affected. Further, the Bithumb exchange also suffered a threat from hackers that demanded over $16 million ransom in return for not touching Bithumb’s client data.

As mentioned before, the never-ending crypto hacking nightmare is not new at all in the crypto world. For this reason, traders and investors are asked to be vigilant and practice due diligence in using cryptocurrency.

To avoid major losses, stay away as much as possible from exchanges and store your crypto in a cold or hot wallet. In this way, you can sleep well without worrying about losing your cryptocurrency.

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