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Huobi Launches Its Derivative Exchange Service in Malaysia

  • Huobi has launched its latest exchange platform called Huobi Labuan in Malaysia.
  • Through Huobi Labuan, Malaysian locals and crypto marketers will experience a secure and trustworthy crypto trading service.
  • Huobi plans to improve its blockchain-based services not only in Singapore but to the world at large.

Singapore-based crypto exchange Huobi has announced the launch of its new cryptocurrency exchange platform called Huobi Labuan. With this, Huobi Labuan will serve as a localized asset exchange for the Malaysian crypto market.

In launching the exchange, Huobi Labuan aims to provide individual crypto marketers a secure and decentralized trading experience throughout their trading journey. Through Huobi Cloud technology, Huobi Labuan users can have the opportunity to make transactions with minimal platform chargebacks. To offer an improved and featured blockchain functionality, Huobi Labuan will be an affiliate partner of the Huobi Cloud.

The Huobi Labuan launch came soon after it received an authorized license for trading digital assets from the Malaysian regulatory authorities.

Starting with a nine-month trial, Huobi Labuan’s crypto license will enable traders to get access to spot and derivatives trading services. Also, Huobi Labuan supports different digital asset classes like BTC, ETH, EOS, and others. Additionally, Huobi Labuan will continue to list more assets right after the trial operation period.

As Huobi enters the Malaysian community with Labuan, Huobi plans to facilitate crypto well-being to the masses. Moreover, Huobi will continue to cooperate with local authorities to increase blockchain-based services to the mainstream.

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