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IBM Partners With KAYA&KATO to Develop Blockchain Network

  • IBM partnered with KAYA&KATO to develop a new blockchain network.
  • The partnership aims to help track sustainable production of clothing.
  • Blockchain technology continues to show more benefits in industries like aerospace.

IBM made a recent partnership with the famous textile firm KAYA&KATO. With this, they are planning to create a blockchain network for tracking the sustainable production of clothing.

IBM’s New Blockchain Partnership With KAYA&KATO

The partners are developing the platform to face all necessities of users about the whole process of clothing production. Also, users can check the network if their clothes are sustainably produced or not.

What is more, the new blockchain implementation will document and will also trace the entire textile supply chain. This will allow customers to keep track of the origin of the fabrics. Also, this will help them understand each production and distribution process.

By and large, the fundamental aim is to create more transparency. Also, this will create a secure protocol for tracing the ecological materials. According to IBM, this will be led by increasing users’ demand to try and understand the environmental impact of the products.

Meanwhile, the tech company conducted a survey. 77% of users, in particular, said that sustainability is important. While 57% said they are willing to change their purchasing habits to decrease the harmful impact on the environment.

IBM Director of Blockchain Christian Schultze Wolters said,

Blockchain technology is a catalyst for collaboration and transparency across industries and within supply chains…helps foster trust among companies and their suppliers, businesses and especially their consumers.

The transaction data record on the chain will be available to all parties. As many economies go via channels of the modern world, blockchain technology proves its applicability to a lot of industries among which car production, electronics, mining, and food cultivation.

This technology continues to show more benefits in industries like aerospace. Meanwhile, the aerospace giant Thales announced that it will use blockchain in order to develop its digital management system and improve connectivity between all applications.

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