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Indias’ Crypto Exchange CoinDCX Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

  • Crypto exchange CoinDCX is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary.
  • CoinDCX embarked on a journey offering crypto trade and exchange services to all.
  • Earlier this year, CoinDCX was happy to announce the launch of CoinDCX Go.

Today, CoinDCX announced it is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. The team is very excited to share it with their community. CoinDCX is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India.

3 years ago, CoinDCX embarked on an enriching journey of offering cryptocurrency trade and exchange services to all.

Around that time, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced a banking ban for cryptocurrency and related entities. Also, the crypto industry in India was in immediate need of upheaval.

It was enough to fuel the momentum, and CoinDCX started with one vision – ‘Cryptocurrency Adoption’. Also, their love for blockchain and user support has motivated the team throughout the year.

Earlier this year, CoinDCX was happy to announce the launch of CoinDCX Go. A potential Bitcoin app where users can buy Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies legally with just a click.

CoinDCX Go provides a fast and easy track to start legally investing in cryptocurrencies. CoinDCX presents a platform for all new-age investors to jump right into crypto investments while removing all potential hurdles. Every user can now invest in the world’s faster-growing asset class.

Moreover, the CoinDCX Go app gives users access to their cryptocurrency instantly. Also, it can help exchange their funds at lightning speed.

Looking back, the Indian government planned to ban all kinds of private cryptocurrencies in the country. As a result, many investors in India requested the government to set legal regulations. In this way, both government and private crypto companies can build an excellent crypto community.

Ever since Bitcoin got investors’ attention in 2017, it has shown high potential for being the future of investment. What is more, India embraces Bitcoin again after RBI’s investment ban was dismissed by the Supreme Court.

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