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Japanese Crypto Exchange CTO, ZOZO Founder to Launch Fintech Business

A local news provider revealed that Japanese executives are launching a fintech business to help people in need of money. This involves a collaboration between a Japanese crypto exchange CTO and an e-commerce giant founder.

Yosuke Shiraishi, CTO of DeCurret, onboarded Yusaku Maezawa’s new business venture through the Start Today enterprise. With this, they expect a fintech operation to prosper from scratch. The recruitment deadline ended on October 19, wherein about 10-20 people await to be a part of the pioneer team.

Earlier this month, he tweeted:

For the initial hiring, they specifically target professionals that have expertise in payment area business development, finance, and corporate governance, among others. In line with this, Maezawa disclosed the nature of business being related to electronic payment services.

Upon teaming up with DeCurret, this most likely involves the creation of a unique virtual currency. Hence, driving adoption in terms of cryptocurrency usage. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow bigger, Maezawa’s fintech business may attract more supporters in the long-run.

For Maezawa, this will be the “second founding” for the first time in about 20 years after the inception of Zozotown, Japan’s largest online fashion mall in 1998.

After retiring as ZOZO’s president in September 2019, Maezawa made clear of his intention to try to start a new business. This catches the attention of the public due to his billion-dollar net worth, according to Forbes. Not to mention as well the surging interest of Japanese investors in crypto, particularly Bitcoin.

Aside from joining this fintech venture, DeCurret previously announced holding a study group to build digital settlement infrastructure in Japan. This comprises the presence of megabanks, major Japanese companies, and other industry experts.

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