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BTC $49383.24 (5.41%)
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BCH $459.34 (2.06%)
BSV $125.61 (8.32%)
LTC $158.36 (4.93%)
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Juliet Summits Are Delighted to Announce The 14th Event in Its Digital Assets/Securities Series

Juliet Summits Are Delighted to Announce Press Release

Juliet Summits are delighted to announce the 14th event in its Digital Assets/Securities series – Digital Assets Week, taking place in London on 18 – 22 of October 2021. REGISTER HERE!

At the heart of the week is Digital Assets Realised (incorporating Security Tokens Realised) taking place on 20-21 of October. DA Realised consists of four summits, each focusing on a specific subject area:

  • Summit 1 – Morning of 20 October – Digital Assets in Listed Securities Markets
  • Summit 2 – Afternoon of 20 October – Investing in Digital Securities in Private Markets
  • Summit 3 – Morning of 21 October – Digitisation of Capital Markets
  • Summit 4 – Afternoon of 21 October- Realising Institutional Crypto

The very exciting line of speakers include:

  • Lord Waverley, Vice Chair, Fintech & Blockchain All-Party Parliamentary Groups
  • Nadine Chakar, Global Head Digital, State Street
  • Andrew Peel, Head of Digital Asset Markets, Morgan Stanley
  • Amar Amlani, Executive Director – Digital Assets, Goldman Sachs
  • Olivier Dang, Global COO, Wholesale Digital Office, Nomura
  • Vasant Viswanathan, VP Product Manager, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Citi
  • Laura Fontana, Vice President, Product Strategy, Distributed Ledger Technology Program, Wells Fargo
  • Herve Francois, Blockchain Initiative Lead, ING Bank, The Netherlands
  • Natasha Jones, Fintech Investor, Octopus Ventures
  • Abradat Kamalpour, Partner, Jones Day
  • Anthony Woolley, Fintech Board Member, Director and Strategic Advisor
  • Michael Coletta, Lead Blockchain Architect & Head of Emerging Tech, London Stock Exchange Group
  • Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner, Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Ruth Wandhöfer, Partner, Gauss Ventures
  • Monty Munford, Chief Evangelist, Sienna Network
  • Graham Rodford, CEO, Archax
  • Ami Ben David, Founder & CEO, Ownera
  • Gautham J, CEO, Polkadex
  • Swen Werner, Managing Director, Digital Product Development and Innovation, State Street, UK
  • Dotun Rominiyi, Blockchain Strategy, Emerging Technologies, LSEG
  • Adam Dossa, CTO, Polymath
  • Harriet Territt, Partner, Jones Day
  • Peter Hofmann, CEO, Custodigit AG
  • Lawrence Wintermeyer, Board Co-Chair, Global Digital Finance
  • Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner, Blockchain Coinvestors
  • Leanne Bassett, Development Director, Archax
  • Ash Morgan, Co-Founder, Mycelium
  • Mike Barrell, CEO and Founder, Juliet Media
  • Baxter Hines, Chief Investment Officer, Honeycomb Digital Investments
  • Ehsan Haque, Global Head, Legal & Compliance, Hamilton Capital Holding
  • Jonny Fry, CEO, Team Blockchain, UK
  • Daniel Coheur, Chief Commercial Officer, Tokeny
  • Mark Banner, Co-Founder and CEO, Covario
  • James Bowater, Editor, City AM’s Crypto Insider
  • Nisa Amoils, Managing Partner, A100x Ventures
  • Neil Staunton, Managing Partner, Cofounder Venture Studios
  • Alasdair Haynes, CEO, Aquis Exchange
  • Jim Needham, Head of Strategy, MERJ Exchange
  • Nick Andrews, Co-Founder, Strata Global
  • Diego Ballon Ossio, Senior Associate, Clifford Chance
  • Richard Crook, CEO, Lab577 (DASL)
  • Chris Thomas, Digital Asset/Innovation Consultant
  • Sheraz Ahmed, Head of Business Development, Crypto Valley

We are delighted that we will be able to have a highly curated physical audience in London this year but we will also be running the main conference summits as hybrid events, where speakers will come in virtually and interact live with those on stage and the sessions will be live streamed to a global audience participating through Q&A, and polls.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Kind regards,
Julia Simonova-Lopez
Director Marketing and Digital Media Solutions
Juliet Media

Thank you to our Platinum Sponsor: Archax; Gold Sponsors: Ownera, Polkadex; Silver Sponsors: Custodigit, CoFounderVS, MBR Partners, Polymath, Clifford Chance, Mycelium, SDX, LAB577 (DASL) ; Virtual Sponsor: Merj Exchange; and Hosting Partner: Jones Day

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