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Jump Trading Investing In Fan Token Company Chiliz

  • Chiliz is being invested in by a proprietary trading firm, Jump Trading.
  • Its own token, CGZ, has appreciated more than 2100%.
  • Chiliz has also signed up some new exciting partners recently such as FC Barcelona and Manchester City.

Fan token company Chiliz has just received an equity investment from the proprietary trading firm, Jump Trading. Besides, they did not disclose the amount of investment.

Malta-based Chiliz is a fintech blockchain provider. It exclusively powers the sports fan engagement platform that issues tokens related to fans’ various sports teams. This enables them to participate in polls hosted by the clubs or receive rewards and promotions.

Binance and many Korean exchanges list the tokens as well. The platform is built based on the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure. CHZ is its exclusive on-platform currency.

Chiliz rose more than 2100% since the start of the year to about $0.41, with interest growing in its potential rising.

“The Chiliz blockchain and our consumer-facing product grew massively in the last few months in terms of users, user spending, but also in terms of new sports partners like AC Milan, FC Barcelona, and Manchester City,” said CEO Alexandre Dreyfus.

He noted that the platform can help engagement for sports teams. Additionally, it can also generate revenue from a broader range of fans. He added,

Jump Trading investing in the sports crypto space is a recognition for us and of the industry, that this market is just at its beginning.

Jump Trading has been popping up in the crypto sphere from time to time, despite its main focus being on global futures, and equities markets. The firm specializes in algorithmic high-frequency trading plans.

Jump Trading gave a bid and asked for notes for liquidity earlier this year.

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