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Justin Sun: Ethereum Is Like Apple, TRON “Like Android”

  • Tron CEO Justin Sun likened cryptocurrencies Ethereum and TRON to smartphones Apple and Android.
  • Sun added through the smartphone analogy that at the end of the day, everyone will invest in cryptocurrency.
  • Interestingly, Sun did not mention Bitcoin as a possible cryptocurrency investment despite it being the top crypto asset.

In an eToro video, Tron CEO Justin Sun likened cryptocurrencies Ethereum and TRON to smartphones Apple and Android. He also said that jumping into crypto is just inevitable.

Sun seemingly appeared in the video to encourage people to invest in cryptocurrencies, specifically Ethereum and TRON. Hence, he came up with the analogy that Ethereum is like the iPhone, while TRON is more like Android.

“At the end of the day,” Sun said, “everybody’s gonna get into the smartphone industry.” However, he said that not everyone can afford an iPhone. As such, he suggested that those who find an iPhone expensive should go for an Android. In fact, he said that about 90% of all people in the world will use Android.

Going back to his analogy, Sun said that if people went back to the time wherein an iPhone is extremely popular, investing in it would still be good, even though it’s not as efficient. Meanwhile, investing in an Android phone will yield more profit.

Interestingly, Sun did not mention Bitcoin, which is by far the top cryptocurrency today in terms of market dominance, fame, and market capitalization.

Also, his analogy received mixed reactions from Twitter users. Some lauded him, saying that he “loved” how Sun used smartphones to deliver his point. Others were also quick to question whether Sun’s analogy was appropriate and logical. Still, some even went as far as to allege that Tron was a copycat of Ethereum.

Regardless, the crypto market appears to be in a slump recently. At the time of writing, TRON is changing hands at $0.02 per piece, according to CoinGecko. Meanwhile, Ethereum is worth $563.79, while Bitcoin is trading at $18,306.59.


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