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Lark Davis Says Great Coins Are Available in the Crypto Market

  • Many great coins are available in the crypto market, says Lark Davis.
  • Davis again said that the coins are now delivering innovative tech.
  • According to Davis, this is a big opportunity for investors.

According to crypto analyst Lark Davis, there are many promising coins available in the crypto market nowadays.

Of note, Davis notably said that the coins have already completed their initial token promotion and their hype phase. However, now available for trading activities.

Also, Davis said that the coins are already delivering an innovative and a customized tech experience in the crypto space. As per Davis, this is a great opportunity that every crypto investor has to embrace.

Meanwhile, Davis did not specifically mention the names of any of the coins. What is more, this made the Twitter community react anxiously to the tweet. Many of the people asked Davis that he should be specific about the names of the coins.

Moreover, others also predicted randomly that the coins Davis talked about could be $Fantom, $KSM, $Matic, $Pond, $BNB, $SXP, and more others. Regardless, Davies was praised by the crypto community for sharing this news.

On the other hand, Davis recently predicted that Ethereum price would drop from its current $3000 price level to about $2,600 any time soon.  Furthermore, Davis made his ETH prediction due to how Ethereum has been overbought these days.

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Collins Adane

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