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Lark Davis Survey: Crypto Bull Run Not Over, Just Correction

  • A majority of respondents to Lark Davis’ Twitter survey say that the crypto bull run is not over.
  • The 2021 surge is due to rising institutional interest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Americans believe cryptocurrency is a safe investment.

Crypto analyst Lark Davis held a Twitter survey, asking the Twitterverse whether the crypto bull run is over, or if it is just a correction. According to the results, most people believe the latter.

Specifically, over 70% of the respondents voted for the “No, just a correction” option. In addition, only 12% of Twitter users voted for “Yes, all over.”

According to another tweet, Davis himself believes that the crypto market is just experiencing a correction.

Moreover, the crypto bull run of 2021 is different from other bull rallies. While the earlier rally had hugely been driven by individual investors and whales. More so, the 2021 surge is also due to rising institutional interest in cryptocurrencies.

According to Google Trends, the worldwide cryptocurrency interest in 2021 has been increasing compared with the previous year.

Cryptocurrency Interest Worldwide
Cryptocurrency Interest Worldwide (Source: Google Trends)

Even more, the increased crypto interest indicates that digital currencies might finally receive mainstream acceptance. Significantly, this brings more cryptocurrency adoption in the near future.

Aside from cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology itself found a huge rise in popularity in 2021. In fact, many industries expressed their interest in finding applications for the technology to enhance business operations.

Likewise, a recent study has found that most of the American believe cryptocurrency is a safe investment. Furthermore, 25% already hold crypto, while another 27% say they plan to invest this year.

Alyssa Wiselin

Crypto trading has enticed Alyssa Wiselin to write for CoinQuora. She consistently contributes news and feature articles. She has covered several different blockchain and crypto niches, especially altcoins.

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