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Level01 Launches the World’s 1st DeFi Platform for AI-Guided Derivatives Trading on Google Play

Level01, a pioneer in decentralized peer-to-peer derivatives trading, has launched it’s innovative DeFi platform on Google Play today. Developed over many years by a team of experts in quantitative analytics, big data, AI, derivatives pricing & risk analysis; the platform and app boast ground-breaking innovations never yet seen before in the financial markets.

Level01 App is currently available for download on Google Play.

One such innovation is their FairSense AI which provides fair pricing and risk vs reward probabilities for both sides of a trading contract, ensuring optimum balance and fair value pricing among traders. By leveling the playing field through decentralization, AI, and big data, newcomers or retail traders can now trade with the same efficiency as professionals. The real-time analytics from the AI is derived from data provided by Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv), two of the biggest global providers of financial information.

While most DeFi platforms deal with spot trading in digital assets, Level01 has pursued a more challenging development aspiration: to deliver a world-class decentralized derivatives platform capable of handling all forms of trading contracts beyond cryptocurrencies; encompassing forex, commodities, and eventually stocks and indices. With the global derivatives market estimated to be worth over $542 trillion, the platform’s wide coverage of major derivatives markets will enable Level01 to earn revenues many times above the nascent cryptocurrency market.

Most people are hyped up about the decentralized borrowing and lending aspects of DeFi, but overlook that derivatives trading is one of the biggest markets around, and Level01 will be leading the DeFi charge into this category.

As a decentralized platform that facilitates peer to peer trading, traders enjoy much lower fees and are free from the risks associated with centralized exchanges or brokerage platforms such as unilateral liquidation, long processing/settlement, slippage and manipulation, hacking or sudden closure, which are risks prevalent in centralized custodial platforms.

Another unique feature of Level01 is the Tradeline, in which both parties in the trade have their allocated funds secured and locked in a smart contract until their contracts mature, thereby ensuring there is no default by either party. Upon contract maturity, the settlement is automatic, and profits are instantly distributed to the winning party’s private wallet.

Level01’s Founder Jonathan Loi said,

We believe that we are ahead in the industry for AI-driven derivatives trading; encompassing everything a reliable trading platform requires: fair pricing, risk assessment, quick matching, instant settlement, no security risks, and total reliability through Digital Ledger Technologies and AI. Users can now trade derivative contracts with complete peace of mind and be equipped with all the necessary tools to make informed decisions.

Co-Founder Adam Ooi added,

We want to correct the current shortfalls and inequalities of the financial markets and bring back equality and balance to everyone. Blockchain has the ability to complete our vision to make the world better and fairer. Through blockchain and decentralization, we can democratize the financial markets and empower everyone with equal opportunities while accessing it. This launch on Google Play represents an important milestone in our company that brings us nearer to our goal.

It’s been a while we have seen innovation that is potentially a big game-changer like what Level01 brings to the table. With partners like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, and heralded by the press like Forbes and Investing as one of the most promising DeFi projects in 2020, it will not be surprising to see Level01 soars to the skies in the global derivatives market.

Level01 App on Google Play.

Name: Charles Wong
Business Name: Level01 Technologies Limited
Email: [email protected]

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