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Lindsay Lohan Predicts Bitcoin to $100,000 And Ethereum $10,000

  • Lindsay Lohan recorded a video predicting $100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) and $10,000 Ethereum (ETH).
  • According to the tweets and comments on Twitter, the celebrity was paid to record a promotional video.
  • The video posted shows that Lindsay Lohan recorded the video via a personalized celebrity video website, Cameo.
  • The video incited reactions from many people on Twitter.

Lindsay Lohan posted a video predicting $100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) and $10,000 Ethereum (ETH).

According to some posts on Twitter, the celebrity recorded a promotional video.

The video shows that she recorded it via a personalized celebrity video website, Cameo.

Cameo is a video-sharing website. The site enables celebrities to send personalized video messages to fans in exchange for money.

People or organizations can pay celebrities to make videos and post on their platforms. The website doesn’t specify the price range. The prices depend on the stars.
Lindsay lohan bitcoin prediction tweet

In the video on Twitter, the celebrity said: “I’m just here to say that Ethereum is going to $10,000.” And “Bitcoin is going to $100,000.”

Furthermore, she said: “enjoy a prosperous 2021.” To continue, she also said: “I hope you all get to drive your Lambos to the moon.”

Moreover, there are posts on Twitter saying Lindsay got $350 to promote the two crypto giants.

Lindsay Lohan is an international actress, model, and recording artist. She is very well-known for starring in the movie, Mean Girls.

In her Cameo bio, she wrote that she is now on Cameo for a limited time. Her bio also says: “Request your favorite Mean Girls line, hear some business advice or love from Lindsay!”

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