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Make a Deposit on KickEX and Get $15 in KEX Tokens

Transfer $20 worth of cryptocurrency from Bittrex to KickEX and get the bonus in new stablecoin KEX!

Recently, Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange announced a ban on the use of its services for users from a few countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Burundi, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua and Panama. Meanwhile KickEX exchange is happy to support the community of traders in these countries and offer a welcome bonus in KEX tokens worth $15 for everyone, from any country.

How to get the bonus:

  1. Transfer $20 worth of cryptocurrency from Bittrex to KickEX;
  2. Complete KYC verification on KickEX;
  3. Send a screenshot of your Bittrex account to [email protected] It should have the same email you used to register on KickEX;
  4. Get a bonus of KEX tokens worth $15! These are new semi-stablecoins that can be mined on the KickEX exchange for trading volumes and cover fees;
  5. Trade without limits on KickEX!

The promotion is valid for new users from any country and those who have not made deposits yet (not from the list of prohibited countries) and will last until September 30, 2020.

What is KEX token?

KEX is a semi-stable token of the KickEX exchange that is backed with proof-of trading and a fixed price within the Kick Ecosystem. The KEX token is rewarded to traders for their trading volumes on the KickEX exchange.

A trader receives 1 KEX for every 2 USDT of the trading fee they paid.

Currently, KEX tokens are only available on the KickEX exchange but, in the near future, KEX will become an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. On the KickEX exchange, the KEX token will be traded in pairs with all other cryptocurrencies and tokens, thus becoming a main cryptocurrency as BTC, ETH and USDT.

How to use KEX tokens?

  • To reduce the trading fees on the exchange for those traders who keep a token on their KickEX wallet. You can read more about the KickEX fee structure and coverage with KEX tokens;
  • To withdraw earnings from the KickRef referral program without trading for a $5 fee;
  • For settlements between counterparties of the exchange, KickEX brokers, marketplaces, on a fundraising platform and other partners, as this is a semi-stable token with a fixed price of $1 within Kick Ecosystem;
  • To defrost Frozendrop of 888,888 frozen KickTokens.

Learn more about KEX token here.

Make a deposit on KickEX, get a bonus of 15 KEX and become one of the first holders of a new stablecoin!

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