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Medicinal Marijuana GROW Celebrates Its Launch With NFT Giveaway

  • Medicinal Marijuana GROW celebrates its launch with an NFT giveaway.
  • Users can virtually harvest plants and earn $GROW.

GROW, a blockchain-based medicinal marijuana startup, is giving away NFT to celebrate its launch. The team announced this news in a tweet on April 13.

GROW becomes the new addition to the ‘Blockchain for the cannabis’ industry. According to the firm whitepaper, the team wants to bring tokenized marijuana to decentralized finance (DeFi). This will merge crypto tech with medical cannabis. Also, it will decentralize the old medicinal cannabis stock and sharing process.

The company is celebrating its project with an NFT giveaway. It will occur in partnership with WeedHumor. Moreover, the firm is giving away a LAND plot NFT in their GROW House.

The company stated that the game ends on May 02, 2021. Also, the platform will randomly pick four winners from all the qualified signups. They asked all interested people to follow their official Twitter account for more info.

Furthermore, the GROW team noted that users would compete in various activities. Moreover, users will get a chance to earn rewards. Notably, earn tokens through badges, collectibles, and many other offers.

Even more, the team also said that users could become cannabis farmers. In addition, they can virtually harvest plants and earn the platform’s native token, the $GROW, and NFTs. Additionally, users could use their GROW Tokens to buy GROW Seeds (NFT). This includes Indica, Hybrid seeds, and Sativa.

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