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MRPH, REEF, BMI — Three Underrated Altcoins on the Rise

  • Morpheus Network, Reef Finance, and Bridge Mutual are the altcoins to watch.
  • All three altcoins briefly surged only to crash again.
  • These altcoins offer solid practical use and strong foundations.

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow, the question on most minds is what is the next big altcoin? Morpheus Network (MRPH), Reef Finance (REEF), and Bridge Mutual (BMI) are the top underrated altcoins to keep an eye on.

With so many options to choose from, it is always challenging to find underrated projects that could take off. Here is why these three altcoins could take off in 2021.


MRPH is a SaaS middleware platform that optimizes supply chains by making shipment and logistics digitally visible. The network utilizes smart contracts to transform collected information into actionable data, thus automating user processing. Automation allows for smoother communication and eliminates operation inefficiencies.

The project provides a real-world solution and as such has a real-life application that makes the blockchain valuable. However, the MRPH token remains underrated despite its practical use on its network.

The token briefly surged after receiving some attention from popular crypto analysts, but the high did not last. Based on CoinGecko charts MRPH started stirring as early as December 2020 after being dormant for most of 2020. However, MRPH only started surging around Jan 15. The bullish trend culminated with MRPH setting a new ATH of $4.44 on the 8th of February.

In a recent interview, MRPH CEO Dan Weinberger recently revealed an upcoming partnership with Chinese global trading company Qingdao Maple Leaf as well as Coca-Cola Latin America. The two big brands are the latest to join the MRPH network which currently includes DHL, FedEx, and Oracle.

Although MRPH is currently plugging, the network’s solid foundation, real-life use, and strong partnerships make it an underrated altcoin that could rise in 2021.


Reef Finance reached an all-time low of $0.00668 on the 15th of January. However, REEF rebounded to set a new ATH of $0.054 on the 11th of February.

The Polkadot-based DeFi platform offers cross-chain trading and aims to provide several blockchain solutions. A top REEF focus is providing a solution for high gas fees on the Ethereum network. A feat if REEF succeeds will set the blockchain to surge. High ETH fees currently inhibit DeFi optimization despite the rise in DeFi transaction volumes.

REEF also aims to soon launch a DeFi debit card, while also helping connect liquidity pools from different networks. Hence this makes REEF one of the most practical, innovative, and forward-thinking blockchains, despite being greatly undervalued.


Bridge Mutual (BMI) is a recently launched, but popular DeFi insurance provider. BMI launched with an IDO on the 30th of January at $0.125. The token then surged over 540% to set an ATH of $5.46 on the 3rd of February.

BMI provides insurance cover for peer-to-peer and peer-to-business users. The high-risk nature of the DeFi space makes BMI a useful hedge against risk. BMI provides coverage for stablecoins, CEX, and smart contracts.

BMI is also based on Polkadot, a network that is on the rise after achieving a new ATH of $42.25 on February 20. DOT surged over 1077% since its launch six months ago and it expected to breach the $50 barrier soon.

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