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Nigeria EFCC: Inksnation CEO Wanted Over Crypto Scam

  • AlsoNigeria’s EFCC is looking for Inksnation CEO over crypto scam charges.
  • Security and Exchange Commision (SEC) declares Sewasu’s Trust DAO as a scam.
  • Inksnation team apologizes its community members for website maintenance.

Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has declared wanted Inksnation CEO Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewanu for alleged crypto scam.

Prior to this, the Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission declared Sewanu’s charitable Trust DAO as a scam. Additionally, the SEC prohibits and advises anyone who indulges and participates in iBSmartify Nigeria and their products offered to stop. It also declared Inksnation’s services as illegal and not registered nor regulated.

Additionally, anyone dealing with the said firm is responsible for their own risk. Omatode appears to have scammed almost about 32,000,000 naira with claims following an online digital currency called PinKoin.

Meanwhile, Nigerian crypto exchanges did not list the PinKoin token.  PinKoin organizers have also liquidated the token to a significant degree.

Accordingly, testimonials continue to escalate on social media platforms as PinKoin investors claim to have earned regardless. Also, right after the EFCC announcement with Sewanu’s photo, the Inksnation team brought back an apology promising followers of the said incident.

The team said,

Be informed!!! If you are experiencing difficulty logging into your account or any other thing. Do not worry, do not panic and do not start raising alarm. Before informed that website maintenance is ongoing, keep calm.

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