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Over 100 Cryptos Will move from Ethereum to Cardano, Says Hoskinson

  • According to Charles Hoskinson, over 100 crypto companies will soon move from Ethereum to Cardano.
  • Hoskinson said it will be possible when Cardano’s network becomes fully matured.
  • Cardano will launch a lot more blockchain-based projects before this year ends.

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson has expressed that over 100 crypto-based companies will move from Ethereum to Cardano. Hoskinson specifically said that the companies would quit Ethereum and move to Cardano when the ADA network becomes fully matured.

According to a Bloomberg interview, Hoskinson expressed his enthusiasm about how ADA has drastically gained popularity nowadays. He also gave thanks to the Cardano team and community for the successful performance this year.

Charles Hoskinson said,

We did it right, but it meant we were one of the last ones to get to market. It’s been a wild ride, broke to a billionaire in eight years is pretty crazy.

Consequently, Hoskinson stated that he is even surprised based on how the ADA’s market value has increased overwhelmingly nowadays.

Moreover, Cardano never stops releasing its products’ offerings. According to Hoskinson, the ADA company has set out to bring a lot more projects such as the Goguen implementation.

This will initiate smart contracts and many other functionalities into the Cardano blockchain network. Cardano will launch many upcoming blockchain-based projects before this year ends. Recently, Cardano launched its Mary hard fork. The Mary hard fork upgrade is meant to strengthen the Cardano blockchain. In terms of security, Hoskinson said Cardano is more superior compared to Ethereum.

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