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Peter Schiff: All Cryptos are Jokes, Not Only Dogecoin

  • Peter Schiff, called cryptocurrencies a joke.
  • Peter Schiff’s tweet came a day after Dogecoin hit ATH.
  • DOGE surged more than 150% in a day.

CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., Peter Schiff, called cryptos a joke. He is also an American financial commentator, stockbroker, and radio personality.

According to his tweet on April 16, Peter Schiff said:

Dogecoin may have been created as a joke, but all cryptos are jokes.

The problem is that the Kool-Aid drinkers don’t get it yet. The irony is that Dogecoin may end up being the punchline to the joke known as Bitcoin, says Schiff.

Additionally, he said that instead of laughing, Bitcoin ‘HODLers’ will be left crying. Peter Schiff’s tweet came a day after Dogecoin hit ATH and surged more than 150% in a day.

Furthermore, he added that in 2021 Bitcoin has lost 97% of its value versus Dogecoin. Moreover, he noted that the market has spoken. Dogecoin is eating Bitcoin.

To finish, he said the Bitcoin pumpers who claim Bitcoin is better than gold must now admit that Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin. This is because the Dogecoin price has risen more than gold.

Peter Schiff also posted that he would be talking about Dogecoin in his Peter Schiff Show. The show is called ‘Is Dogecoin the New Bitcoin.’

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