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Petition Filed to Allow The Bank of France to Buy Bitcoin

  • Bank of France may soon be able to buy Bitcoin.
  • The CEO of Ark Ecosystem filed a petition to allow the bank to buy Bitcoin.
  • A member of the French Parliament has signed the petition.

France sees a petition to allow its Central Bank — la Banque de France, to buy Bitcoin. CEO of Ark Ecosystem, Francois-Xavier Thoorens filed the petition earlier this month.

The petition has slowly been gaining momentum. Especially now as Jean-Michel Mis, president of a blockchain development firm has also signed the petition. Moreover, he is also a member of the French Parliament.

Mis dreams of making France a cryptocurrency country. Thus, if this petition meets the required number of signatures, it will be addressed by the French Senate.

It seems the advocates are most eager to see France at the head of a cryptocurrency race. However, they do address the need to set a clear and smart approach to crypto trading laws.

For instance, here’s a snippet from the petition:

France must adopt a strategy in this area and a law enabling it to be applied. I, therefore, propose an update of the Monetary and Financial Code to endow the Banque de France with the capacity to buy, sell and hold bitcoins and other crypto-assets that it sees fit.

The petition also draws light to other major BTC holders like MicroStrategy and Tesla. It even cites Miami’s plan to add Bitcoin to the city’s balance sheet. 

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered 423 out of 100,000 signatures. Additionally, BTC price is $56,957.83.

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