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Polkadot Overtakes XRP for Fourth-Largest Crypto

  • DOT fires up its engines as it takes the spot for the top 4 crypto by market capitalization
  • The project had a huge 26% gain in the last 24 hours leading to this change in rank
  • Polkadot’s native stats show even bigger gains than what was reported in CoinGecko

Polkadot just took the spot as the fourth largest crypto. According to statistics from one of the best coin information websites, CoinGecko, DOT just snatched the rank from XRP.

We’ve seen altcoins moon here and there during the alt season, but DOT has arguably been the most consistent. The altcoin has been in the top 10 coins of 2020 for a while now.
Polkadot chart

As we can see in the chart above, DOT reached a remarkable high of $14.80 before bouncing back to $14.45. This price movement boosted its market capitalization at $13.7 billion, leaving XRP slightly below with its $13.5 billion market capitalization.

In Polkadot’s native statistical records, the platform shows an even higher market capitalization of $14.8 billion. However, the Binance-owned coin information site, CoinMarketCap, disagrees with the data and still shows DOT at $12.6 billion.

DOT recently joined the ranks of Cardano (ADA), Tezos (XTZ), and Cosmos in the Moonstake Wallet staking wallet. Moonstake offers DOT stakers an annual percentage yield (APY) of 13.61%.

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