BTC $56712.30 (-2.0%)
ETH $4547.68 (-3.2%)
USDT $1.00 (0.06%)
BCH $565.15 (-2.9%)
BSV $148.93 (-1.7%)
LTC $204.29 (-4.4%)
BNB $624.07 (-3.4%)
ADA $1.69 (5.53%)
DOGE $0.21 (-0.6%)
BTC $56712.30 (-2.0%)
ETH $4547.68 (-3.2%)
USDT $1.00 (0.06%)
BCH $565.15 (-2.9%)
BSV $148.93 (-1.7%)
LTC $204.29 (-4.4%)
BNB $624.07 (-3.4%)
ADA $1.69 (5.53%)
DOGE $0.21 (-0.6%)

ProBit Global Exchange Review: Ins, Outs, and Everything Else

ProBit-Global-Exchange-Review Crypto Exchanges
  • ProBit Global is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The platform is home to the native token — PROB.
  • Users on the platform can enjoy trading, staking, and much more on ProBit Global.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have gained much popularity over the past few years. Of course, this was inevitable considering that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were gaining popularity as well. What’s fascinating is that now, there are more and more crypto exchanges popping up all over the globe.

This means that crypto holders and traders have an abundance of choices for picking and using crypto exchanges. For most people, this is already an overwhelming decision to make. Then again, it is much more overwhelming for a newbie in the industry.

Thus, CoinQuora is here to assist. Our team examines crypto exchanges to share and explain the ins and outs of these crypto exchanges so our readers will always be equipped with the knowledge they need. Although, it is always important for one to do their own research before making any final decisions.

For this cryptocurrency exchange review, we will be focusing on ProBit Global. Let’s have a look at the ABCs of this exchange to understand how it works and what it offers. Once complete, our readers will be able to navigate the exchange without any hassle. So let’s begin by exploring the ins, outs, and everything in between.

What Is ProBit Global?

ProBit Global is a globally known cryptocurrency exchange. Users on the platform can buy, sell, trade, and store cryptocurrencies. The exchange also comes with a native cryptocurrency wallet. This can be accessible by downloading it separately on mobile or desktop.

The exchange is registered in Seychelles and is headed by the current CEO — Ronald Chan. To highlight, ProBit Global is headquartered in Estonia and has been running since 2018. Since then, the renowned crypto exchange has gained much popularity and is one of the top 20 preferred crypto exchanges by many crypto users worldwide.

Over time, ProBit Global has added many other offerings to its growing list of services. At the moment, these include staking, initial exchange offerings (IEOs), many new trading pairs, exclusive events, referral programs, and much more. Let us now have a detailed look at all of these services.

ProBit Global Exchange Details

Available on mobileYes
Number of supported coins/tokens544
Number of supporters trading pairs860
Native tokenPROB
Supported fiat currenciesNone yet
CEORonald Chan
HQ locationEstonia

What Does ProBit Global Offer?

The top services on the ProBit Global exchanges would include the cryptocurrency exchange, the initial exchange offering (IEO), ProBit Exclusive, and Staking. Of course, there are many other highlights on the exchange as well. We will get to them later on in this ProBit Global exchange review.

For now, let’s gain an understanding of these top 4 services.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Like any great exchange, ProBit Global offers a large range of crypto tokens and coins on its platform. To be specific, the exchange now has over 544 cryptos with 860 supporting trading pairs.

At the moment, ProBit Global is home to over 1.5 million active crypto users who regularly trade and buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many other altcoins over thousands of markets. Its native token — PROB, gives users on the platform access to many unique incentives and reward-based staking.

ProBit Global offers a tiered membership structure. Specifically, it goes from Standard to VIP11. The more PROB one stakes on the platform, the higher the membership level, and the greater the discount on trading fees.

Yes, that’s right. PROB stakers, in particular, are privy to discounts on trading fees. In fact, if they choose to pay fees with PROB they can receive an additional 0.02% discount and reduce their trading fees to as low as 0.03%. As for the withdrawal fees, this may vary based on the crypto selected by the user. For more details, users can find the updated list here.  

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

ProBit Global raised $20M for 2021 H1 IEO campaigns as they provide full-scale fundraising support for crypto projects around the globe. IEO participants benefit from token bonuses on top of their purchases as early supporter rewards and will be able to readily trade tokens once they are listed after the funding rounds are closed…

ProBit Global has over 700 tokens integrated with over 100 blockchains. To name a few, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (MATIC), and Fantom (FTM) are some of these blockchains.

Interested parties can check out the platform’s Listing and IEO packages. They are quite thorough and the process is simple enough. Users should get cracking if they want the chance to list on the exchange. As a clear bonus, the listing will gain guaranteed reach and exposure.

ProBit Exclusive

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at another beneficial feature — ProBit Exclusive. This feature lets users enjoy 50% discounts off top 200 tokens. So far, the platform has had exclusive sale events for prominent tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), MATIC (Polygon), and Axie Infinity (AXS).

ProBit Exclusive features tokens that are first-time listings on ProBit Global’s markets while ProBit Exclusive lite will spotlight tokens already trading on the exchange.

Staking and Auto Hold

Users can choose from a wide range of tokens to stake on the exchange. New staking pools are always opening and users can take a pick on where they wish to run and stake their funds.

Rewards for these pools can range from 10% to over 200%. Some pools have fixed end dates, so, be mindful when choosing a staking pool. To be clear, some will only unlock after the pool reaches its set date.

Finally, users have another offering they can benefit from called auto hold. With this, users do not have to deal with any lockup period. To add emphasis, they can just deposit their funds on the ProBit Global exchange and begin earning rewards. Truly, it’s as simple as that!

Other Exclusive Features

To begin with, the platform comes with a very generous referral program. In detail, users on the platform can refer their friends to gain between 10% – 30% of their referee’s decided trading fee. This will, of course, be received as a reward.

Another option is to stake the native token — PROB. If a user does so, they will enjoy a higher referral bonus depending on the amount of PROB staked. As for other perks, users can join exclusive trading competitions on the platform.

Lastly, users on the platform will also be able to take part in exclusive events with another big perk on the ProBit Global platform.

How To Get Started

To create an account of ProBit Global, one simply needs to click ‘Register’ on the top-right corner of the website. Next, enter the user email address needed to register with the exchange and type in a strong password.

Once the user re-confirms their password and agrees with the platform’s Terms and Conditions and personal data collection, hit ‘Register’ and the process is complete. Really, it’s that simple!

Users can also complete KYC verification to comfortably and securely access all the diverse features on ProBit Global.

Make sure to research and understand all of the exchange’s offerings before making any decisions. Also, rejoice in knowing that ProBit Global prioritizes security on its platform as it has never been hacked.

For instance, it has Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Additionally, note that for safety reasons, funds will be locked for 72 hours if a user changes their password. So, make sure to read any and all notifications that the exchange sends to ensure absolutely seamless security.


So, ProBit Global is a reputed and highly efficient cryptocurrency exchange. Since its launch, the firm and its team have worked tirelessly to offer its users impressive new features. What’s more delightful is that it still continues to offer even more to its community. This is a good sign, considering the cryptocurrency exchange sector is highly competitive.

To add on, readers must note that this review is simply based on the research and observations made by CoinQuora. This article must not serve as financial advice. With that said, traders and investors must ensure to do their own research before investing with or on any crypto exchange.

In conclusion, ProBit Global has much to offer, it provides good if not great support to its users, and offers multiple options for lower transaction fees. Although it does not offer any fiat trading yet, it is a platform that continues to offer new features to its users. So stay tuned and stay vigilant as it has never been hacked.


Is ProBit Global a good exchange?

ProBit Global is known to be one of the top exchanges in the crypto world based on many industry leaders. However, it is still your call to make if you wish to use ProBit Global as your primary cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, we recommend that our readers should do their own research by reading up on the platform’s latest updates before making any decisions.

Is ProBit Global reliable?

ProBit Global exchange is one of the biggest exchanges out there. Hence, we can conclude that users continue to trust the exchange.

When was ProBit Global established?

The exchange has been running since 2018. It is registered in Seychelles and is currently headquartered in Estonia.

Does ProBit Global have a native token?

PROB is the exchange’s native token. Users can stake PROB on the platform in order to level up in the membership tier as well as gain higher discounts and rewards.

Disclaimer: This material must not be used as the basis for making any investment decisions. This serves only as informative material about the crypto exchange. Trading digital assets involve risk and can result in the loss of investment capital. Hence, always make sure to do in-depth research before engaging or investing in any cryptocurrencies.

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