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Provide Uni and Sushi to Mint Tako, TakoSwap Highest APY 100,000%

TakoSwap, a product of Multiplier Finance, will launch on 30th September 2020 at 12pm UTC+8.

Participate in TakoSwap AMA Sessions on Telegram and stand a chance to win! Over 10,000 USDT in prizes!

From 28th to 30th September 9 pm UTC+8.

  • 1st TakoSwap AMA: 8 winners x 88 USDT;
  • 2nd TakoSwap AMA: 18 winners x 88 USDT;
  • TakoSwap Grand Launch AMA: 88 winners x 88 USDT.

Telegram Channel:

TAKO tokens are 100% distributed to the community, with no team allocation, no pre-mine, and no initial public sale. TakoSwap will be 100% governed by the community.

TakoSwap is audited by Bramah Systems and is a fork of SushiSwap and UniSwap with some key improvements. TakoSwap aims to improve AMM design in terms of price curves and contributor rewards.

Users enter into the farms of their choice. When farming, users will receive a new distribution of TAKO with every block.

The rewards are 2,000 TAKO per block, divided by the proportional share of the pool.

These pools are allocated a higher portion of rewards: “MultiTako,” “MakiRoll” and “TakoBall” pools.

The time scheme of per-block rewards can be seen on the TAKO Distribution Chart. 

MXX and TAKO Future Roadmap


TakoSwap is essential to the Multiplier Finance ecosystem as it acts as a decentralized automated market-making exchange.

Minted TAKO from TakoSwap farm can be used to create SSB Contracts to mint MXX tokens of up to 1,000% APY.

The third up-coming product; Multi-Chain Mining, allows our community to govern and earn rewards from our POS stake pool operation. Our pool will cover promising and prominent projects such as Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos, Kava, Kusama, Tezos, and others.

Multiplier and TakoSwap Community






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