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Rocket Vault Signs Funding Contract With Six New Partners

  • Rocket Vault has signed a funding contract with multiple partners.
  • Rocket Vault provides users the best APY with an average of over 100%.

Rocket Vault has signed a funding contract with multiple partners. This partnership will enable Rocket Vault to fulfill Ferrum’s network vision of making DeFi yield farming closer to everyone.

Rocket Vault’s new funding partners include A195, Percival, BuildHodl, PeechCapital, Part1Capital, and Mercurius.

This partnership made A195, one of the founding members to comment:

At A195, we recognize the difficulties that new users face when looking for the best yield in DeFi. The ease of use and highly competitive yields will quickly cement Rocket Vault as a flagship DeFi Yield platform.

In terms of technology, Rocket Vault uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. Specifically, this data-driven approach of the network benefits all the crypto and DeFi enthusiasts in maximizing their profit potential while minimizing their losses. Indeed, this technological feature that the network possess provides a solution to the problems that the newcomers in the crypto world experience.

Meanwhile, Rocket Vault provides different types of staking solutions and token trading options to all its network users. With this, all users of the network can easily navigate the platform without doing further research. In addition, Rocket Vault also provides users the best APY options which has an average of over 100%.

About Ferrum Network

From the same advisory team as GoChain and Wanchain, and backed by Australia’s biggest blockchain VC, Ferrum Network is a new interoperability network built for fast decentralized cross-chain financial transactions. Along with the Ferrum Sub-Zero Wallet and Ferrum Decentralized Exchange (Fe DEX), Ferrum Network features a Decentralized Acrylic Graph (DAG), which eliminates the need for miners and blocks, leading to much faster and cheaper transactions. The team comprises highly qualified professionals from the largest tech companies, law firms, and financial companies.

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