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Roger Ver to Donate $2M in BCH for Economic Education

  • Roger Ver continues supporting FEE by donating two gifts worth $2 million in Bitcoin Cash.
  • Of the said amount, $1 million will be used to support FEE’s events in 2021, including student programs.
  • Another $1 million will act as a perpetual source to support FEE’s educational activities. founder Roger Ver has made two gifts amounting to $2 million in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). Specifically, the gifts aim to support FEE’s training events and activities.

Ver continues his support for FEE by donating funds in crypto for the second time. According to a press release, Ver seeks to help FEE educate students for a free society’s moral and economic base and for growing one’s liberty.

Half of the gift is going to support FEE’s key events dedicated to its 75th jubilee, along with student programs.  The rest, however, will take the form of a grant and act as a constant source supporting FEE’s training activities.

Notably, Roger Ver said he owes an academic debt to FEE. Moreover, he believes that FEE’s work is in need more than ever.

Ver said,

I was a subscriber to FEE’s long-running magazine ‘The Freeman’ when I was in high school and I owe a lot of my success in Bitcoin to what I learned reading about the moral urgency of having a monetary system that exists separate from state force.

Back in 2013, Ver also donated $1 million in BTC as praise for FEE’s work. According to FEE’s Executive VP Richard Lorenc, it was a novel gesture that helped a lot in its online growth.

Started in 1946 by Leonard Read, FEE is an economic research agency It holds to the ideals of economic liberty, similar to the Austrian school’s views. Also, it conducts seminars for students and doctoral students focused on the growth of financial freedom.

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