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Royal Melbourne Collabs With VeChain for Blockchain Governance

  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has partnered with VeChain to explore and research governance models for a public blockchain.
  • As a result, both parties will build a blockchain-based framework for government system evaluation.

VeChain has announced its partnership with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Blockchain Innovation Hub.

By working together, the collaboration will allow both parties to build a blockchain-based framework for government system evaluation.This will help empower blockchain synergy in the crypto space. Also, both parties will have a clear understanding of decentralization purposely for public blockchains.

Subsequently, to ensure a user-driven experience, VeChain and RMIT will incentivize stakeholders for governance purposes and to promote blockchain. The research team will mainly investigate government models that are of good use for enterprises.

Meanwhile, the partnership also unveils VeChain’s role as a “harbinger of public blockchain standards.” Moreover, VeChain is increasing blockchain adoption among governments, enterprises, and educational research facilities.

Royal Melbourne Co-Director Dr.Chris Berg said,

We are excited to be working with VeChain to explore and research governance models for public blockchains. With this important research, we are hoping to build towards a general theory of blockchain governance contributing to VeChain’s ecosystem and providing benefit to the brother blockchain community.

Continuously, VeResearch will develop more curated global grant programs that will engage the academic community research.

To name a few, the VeResearch program has been in operation with lots of multi prominent academic bodies. These include Michigan State University, University of Oxford, Dartmouth College, and more others.

Meanwhile, RMIT Blockchain innovation Hub is a research team basically in economics, political economy, law, sociology, and more. The firm provides much more understanding of crypto-economics, business strategy, and more on blockchain.

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